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Mill City’s Finest: A New Addition To The World Of Superheroes

Mill City’s Finest: A New Addition To The World Of Superheroes

Representation just keeps growing in mass media, especially in the world of superheroes. From DC to Marvel, Static Shock to Black Panther, Image Comics and more, the universes just keep expanding. The newest addition to the vast world of superhero action is Mill City’s Finest from creator, Samuel Stevquoah.

Q: What is Mill City’s Finest
S: Mill City’s Finest (MCF) is a new take on the superhero trope. It’s a cartoon that follows the life of a first-generation Liberian American. Our main character Momolu learns the importance of honoring culture and heritage while facing enemies from his past and present.
Q: How did MCF come to fruition? What was your inspiration?
S: In fall 2016 I decided to release MCF, a project that I’ve been working on since I was teenager. What started off as a childhood hobby turned into a passion I was ready to share with the world. Over the years I realized there was a sudden interest in diverse culture especially African content. The food, art, music, and African style of dress has been embraced all around the world. However I’ve always felt there was a particular African story often neglected. The modern African-American lifestyle. I was the first child born in America from my family. So I’m very influenced by American customs and trends. But when I was a child this didn’t mean much to my parents. I was being raised the African way. At a young age my parents had very high expectations of me. When I was much younger I never understood why my parents had a very different teaching style than my friends parents. But these expectations in turn taught me many important life values as I got older. MCF inspired me to tell this story with an entertaining twist that audiences will appreciate.
Q: What have been some challenges with creating a TV show and what’s been your favorite part?
S: There are so many challenges. What remains the biggest challenge is producing episodes. I’ve had the opportunity to have pitch meetings with studios before, but most studios are looking for content that is more like mainstream cartoons. In addition to that, most studios don’t like to green-light superhero projects. Most of them want to leave all the superhero content to DC and Marvel–which I feel is huge missed opportunity. Producing episodes has also been difficult due to a lack of funding. However we’re launching a Kickstarter campaign on October 1st. You guys can look out for that. I’m excited for the Kickstarter because we’re doing it ourselves. We have all the creative direction so we can tell this story the way we want it. We also have a tie-in comic that helps build this world we’re creating. That comes out this fall too.
Q: How has it been making MCF into a reality? What do you hope to achieve with MCF?
 S: Our first big step to making this a reality is by doing it ourselves. Our biggest project to date is our Kickstarter so we appreciate if you join us on launch day come October 1st. We have exciting rewards you’re going to enjoy, especially if you’re looking forward to our comic “Expecting A Hero,” which releases digitally this fall. I hope to inspire others to trust their ideas and create. I hope my journey to bring this project to TV makes others want to tell their stories too. The best stories come from personal experiences!

Make sure to check out for updates! Mill City’s Finest is also on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. You can also follow the Sam at @stevquoahjr!

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