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Mobile Games You Should Be Playing Vol. 1 (AKA The Future Gamer’s Gateway)

Mobile Games You Should Be Playing Vol. 1 (AKA The Future Gamer’s Gateway)

So, you want to add the ever elusive, shiny title of ‘gamer’ to your nerd resume? The good news is: you’re probably a gamer already.

The gaming community can sometimes be harsh. So in case no one has told you this yet:

You don’t have to be ‘hardcore’ to start gaming! You can start slow and easy. It is okay.

It can be really tough to learn how to game on consoles or PCs when you have little to no experience, but luckily, technology has evolved in an insanely short period OF time, making it easy to have a gateway gaming experience that can lead you to more play. Maybe playing on here will lead to playing on console and/PC games and more. The gateway: Your phone.

Or tablet. Or iPod. Or Kindle. Mobiles. It’s mobile games, y’all, that’s what I’m getting at.

This is awesome because guess what?

A. You probably already play these types of games!

B. You can save hundreds of dollars!

You don’t necessarily have to buy a fancy computer (PC) or a console like a Nintendo Switch or Playstation if you want to start exploring the world of gaming. A large number of us have at least some kind of sophisticated touchscreen mobile device, whether it’s an android or an apple or something else. Which is better? (I know which one I like.)

But we’re not discussing that here, stay focused!

Instead of dropping cash on a console, if you’re a beginner who’s looking to save money, it’s cheaper to use your mobile device and its app store to start exploring and playing games. With huge libraries of games out there, and a lot of them free, this is a great option if your pockets are feeling light, or if you just don’t feel like spending a lot of money on something you don’t know you’ll like yet.

If you blinked you might’ve missed the evolution of mobile games that’s taken place over the years, but I know no one missed the evolution of mobile devices themselves. Back in the day (omg I can kinda say that now!), I had a Creative Zen Mp3 Player and I thought I was so cool. I remember watching subtitled Bleach episodes on that 2.5-inch color screen. It felt revolutionary at the time.

When I outgrew the Zen and began looking for a stronger, slicker mp3 player, I remember being impressed with people who owned the 3rd gen iPod with the circular directional pad. Now we have no more new gen iPods.

Instead, we have iPhones with music and videos and touchscreens and games with actual story modes, controls, and graphics. Wild.

Sometimes another barrier to entry to becoming any kind of gamer can be the game content. Maybe you don’t like the kind of games that are being presented. And that’s okay. Some of the most popular games right now are action adventure or war based or sports.

If you don’t like that sort of thing, then there are certainly still games out there for you too. Puzzles, matching games, turn-based games— a lot of them even have a super cute aesthetic! We’re modern now, people. Don’t let anyone clown you for playing Barbie Horse Adventure ever again.

Here are some starter games to get you addicted to gaming and hopefully, you’ll be plunged into the world of video games for good.

Simple Games


Current Obsession: TSUM TSUM and SUMI SUMI

So everyone should be familiar with basic “match-three” games. There have been a ton of them like Bejeweled, which is one of the first that I really got into on mobile years ago. Match 3’s have evolved so much from the beginning to now. I’m a sucker for cute and pretty things, so I’ve been playing TSUM TSUM, a game where you connect and (sweetly) pop the heads of 3 or more connected Disney characters.

There are goals that you can reach that are pretty fun, but some of them are quite difficult so you may reach a paywall where you need to buy in-app purchases.  But it’s the perfect thing to do when you just kind of want to zone out, but you still want to do something fun with your hands.


My other pick is a little less cathartic: SUMI SUMI is another match 3, but it’s more puzzle-like than TSUM TSUM, so it takes a little more thought to get through the puzzles at times, especially as you progress further into the levels, which there are a lot of.

Instead of Disney characters, this game features many San-X characters like Rilakkuma, which are also super cute. The nicer thing about SUMI SUMI is that it offers rubies a little more often than TSUM TSUM does through ads or special events.

See Also

Again, you don’t have to use them, but they can help. Either way, both of these games are super fun and addictive. And they can be right on your phone when you’re on lunch break at work or you’re just looking for a way to adorably kill a few minutes.


Game with Controls


Current Obsession: Honkai Impact 3rd

This one is a personal favorite. This features a storyline, pretty anime girls, and has the added bonus of allowing you to be introduced to simpler controls.

The nice thing about Honkai Impact 3rd is that there are lots of characters that you can easily get attached to. All of the characters are women, and it follows the classic “anime girls fighting” formula, which for me is a formula that usually doesn’t get old. There’s fan service (which does get old) in terms of some of the outfits and other things, but in this game, it’s not that excessive. I am all for a powerful woman destroying monsters and then reporting to me.

It awakens the weeb inside of me.

There are plenty of events, levels, and there’s even a co-op and chat feature— which means you can play with other people and talk to them too.

You’ll be able to talk to folks, which can be one of the most fun parts of being a gamer: conversations! I’ll be honest, I rarely have them, but when I do it’s actually pretty fun. Keep in mind that there are definitely some jerks out there, but there are also some pretty cool people in the gaming community that you could meet.

These games listed above are super easy to navigate, so it should be simple for you to explore and get into them. And after you explore mobile games, perhaps you’ll try a console or PC game. Maybe look at few YouTube play-throughs. Maybe buy your first game.

The most important thing is to have fun. If these or any other game do prove to be the gateway for you, as a long time veteran, let me be the first to say:

Welcome to the squad! Add me!

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