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Modern-Day Witch: Putting #BlackGirlMagic To Work

Modern-Day Witch: Putting #BlackGirlMagic To Work

When most people talk about witchcraft, they are referring to Harry Potter, Charmed, or The Craft.

All of which have little to do with actual, real world Magick. Historically, witchcraft has been seen as a negative practice conducted, usually by women, to control someone’s mind, body, or property against their will. A definition created to produce fear in the community. And one that could not be further from the truth.

A witch is simply a man or woman who practices magick or Wicca. I know someone out there is trippin’ over the k in “magick”. The k is added to distinguish from slight-of-hand magic. The way in which magick is used is up to the practitioner. We commune with nature, spread positivity, and do not look like this…

Wicca is an extremely empowering path that I do not see a lot of Black people walking. It is a form of modern paganism that has ties to ancient European traditions, though it can be adapted to other cultures. For the most part we as people of color have been raised on some form of Christianity and, sometimes, continue to carry it our whole lives without question. I was lucky enough to observe Christianity with an open and unbiased mind while looking into other religions as well. I am here to give information, guidance, and a deeper look into the practice of Wicca and magick.

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My name is Marrista and I’m one half of the Cocoa Chronicles! I will be your friendly, neighborhood witch with tips, guidance, and info about how to put your personal #BlackGirlMagick to work in our life (man or woman😏). If you’re already thinking of practising, check out My Box Of Shadows here. This shop is my go-to for great supplies and everyday must-haves! Also, be sure to follow The Cocoa Chronicles on social media!

I look forward to sharing information with you all! Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again.

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