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Must Have Tools To Include In Your Arsenal For Moon Rituals

Must Have Tools To Include In Your Arsenal For Moon Rituals

There’s a change of energy in the air when the moon goes through its phases.

As full moon times approach, we may begin feeling out of sorts with ourselves. A strong energy is pushing us to leave behind what no longer serves us. We may also feel overwhelmed with needing to make important decisions. As new moon times approach, we feel the strong need for change. We’re faced with an opportunity to start fresh and dive into the things that might’ve scared us in the past. 

There’s power in taking action and manifesting the things we most desire.

What’s great about moon rituals is that each person can truly make them their own. They’re special to each individual and how they wish to take advantage of the magic and energy that occurs. Each element (water, earth, fire, and air) should be represented in this practice, and there are plenty of creative ways to have them present. While it’s good to make a ritual your own tailor it to what truly works for you, here are some great tools to have for your rituals. 


Crystal Collections

Crystals of course represent earth and each one has a different use in meaning. Common go to crystals are amethyst for cleansing and releasing negative emotions, rose quartz for self love and nurturing, black tourmaline for protection and grounding, and clear quartz for manifestations and setting intentions. Soulful Vibes Co., The Flowerchild Bruja, and lbhealinco and great POC shops to buy crystals on the low, and bless each one for your purposes.

Selenite Wand

Selenite wands are great for energy clearing and cleansing. While you can use it for yourself, you can also place it in doorways and windows around your house. It purifies energy fields and can amplify the power of other stones.


The flame of a candle can help gain focus, and the use of the flame can aid in banishing things that no longer serve us. You can use different colored candles for different intentions such as green for attracting abundance that The Conjure Goddess has, or use the scent of the candle can offer peace and clarity like ones My Box Of Shadows offers.

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Smudge Sticks

Palo Santo and white sage are endangered because of their constant harvesting. But, there are other herbs that can be used to smudge your person and space that can aid in your rituals. Lavender clears the mind and brings peace, rosemary clears negative energies, sweetgrass removes obstacles and tension, and cedar banishes fear.

Essential Oils

The scent of oils can help relax and ground in a ritual. But, if it’s not something you can easily acquire or think you’ll use, having water charged by the moon or a ritual bath can also be utilized. 

Have any tools that you use? Let us know and stay tuned for “The Witching Hour” articles every other Tuesday for more moon ritual tips!

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