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The Netflix Sci-Fi Anime Even We Hardcore Anime Hipsters Will Love

The Netflix Sci-Fi Anime Even We Hardcore Anime Hipsters Will Love

Is there a such thing as an anime hipster? Like, when you’re super critical of any anime that isn’t an original classic stamped by the passage of time? If so, that’s me.

It can be hard to please diehard anime fans. The more hardcore you are, the more difficult it is to be satisfied. You compare everything.

One show’s main villain looks weirdly similar to Wedding Peach‘s Queen Raindevila. Another show looks like a wannabe Yu Yu Hakusho. You just ain’t feeling a lot of the new stuff because for you, most of it looks like watered-down remakes of the old stuff.

So you stop actively looking for new anime to watch. Up until a few days ago, that was me to a T. If it wasn’t 90’s, I wasn’t into it.

Until my brother and I saw Netflix’s A.I.C.O.: Incarnation.

Long story short, we started it at 9PM and stayed up watching past 2 in the morning. (Who needs to be rested for work, amirite?) That show had one hell of a hold on us.

I was intrigued from the jump. The thing that caught my attention was the fact that the main character was in a wheelchair. But if you think that “in a wheelchair” ever means “can’t do,” you’re dead wrong.

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From The Paper Airplane Club to softball, my girl Aiko Tachibana not only DOES, she does a lot. Considering that she’s humanity’s only hope to stop The Burst (a strange entity rapidly killing those around her), thank GAWD for that can-do attitude. 

With disturbing secrets to keep, government mysteries to solve, and death to avoid every few hours, there’s a lot on Aiko’s plate. Good thing she’s got a kickass team of fighters, an eccentric scientist, and a bodyguard of few words to back her up.

Think Ghost in the Shell–only her shell is its own special, living organism. And unluckily for her…The Burst is one of the few who knows it.

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