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New Kid’s Show Craig Of The Creek Is Breaking Barriers With Its Positive Representation Of Minorities

New Kid’s Show Craig Of The Creek Is Breaking Barriers With Its Positive Representation Of Minorities

Craig of the Creek Family

Craig of the Creek theme song gif

Be honest, how many kid’s cartoons can you name that have a Black family or kid as its main character(s)?

*looks at watch and taps foot*

Unfortunately, you’re probably able to name them all on one hand:

  • Proud Family
  • Doc McStuffins
  • the Fat Albert animation
  • Waynehead
  • Static Shock

And I’m talking about kid’s shows where the Black characters begin and end the show as the main character (Cousin Skeeter could be a stretch, and sorry Susie Carmichael!).

So when I saw Cartoon Network show off its new show, Craig of the Creek, I thought it was really cool that the main character was a young boy with a chocolate complexion.

Seeing Steven Universe’s writers, Matt Burnett and Ben Levin, flesh-out not only a whole family of progressive minorities but background characters as well truly is refreshing!

Craig of the Creek Creators Matt Burnett and Ben Levin

And I know, I know… those creators are white. What do they know about the Black experience? Or any minority experience for that matter to be animating it into a representative show?

They don’t know about minorities’ experiences, so they made sure to hire on diverse writing and storyboard artists to lay down some truths.

They talk about it in this article!

And they’re truths to be proud of, and that break the usual negative stereotypes about minorities:

Craig of the Creek Family Dinner Cuteness

Like Craig’s family eating dinner together every night (it always plays during the end credits!).

Craig of the Creek grandpa and Craig in the garden

Positive male figures in their lives (like the father in the dinner scene, and grandpa above with his garden)!Craig of the Creek's Craig and Jessica Williams

A baby sister who’s into schedules, business ventures, and the stock market (don’t mess up her schedule!).

Craig of the Creek good at math

Craig is good at math (and checked out a library book to feverishly read in about a day).

I don’t know if it’s necessarily a stereotype, but I remember in a college class once, we had to share stories of racism from others’ experiences (I went to a PWI).

See Also

One person talked about their Black guy friend who was in an advanced math class years ago, and as soon as he walked into the class the teacher asked, “are you sure you belong here?”

And he kept questioning it and questioning it until he went to the head of the department to get clarification about him really belonging in his advanced math class.

So fun, right?? We’re debunking that stupidity right quick with this show.

Craig of the Creek Civil Rights

Craig’s in-political-power grandma even showed off her photo album where she fought for equality!

Again, not a stereotype, but look how awesome that is!!!

As I write this, that episode JUST aired this Friday. Which means you have all weekend to catch up and view this great show yourself!

Go go go! View and swoon over this great representative cartoon!

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