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Newest Avengers Endgame Trailer Reveals Captain Marvel, Grim Timeline For Remaining Heroes

Newest Avengers Endgame Trailer Reveals Captain Marvel, Grim Timeline For Remaining Heroes

Earlier today, Marvel dropped the new trailer for Avengers: Endgame, the latest installment of the MCU that is already anticipated to be one of the most gutwrenching and “final” of the film franchise.

Indeed, this trailer holds no bars in painting the stark reality that now exists for our remaining heroes. The trailer begins with a beautiful monologue by Tony Stark, hinting back to humble origins as he speaks of everything feeling to have begun “a thousand years ago.”

Following that are poignant images of our remaining heroes: Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, and Ant Man—as they grapple with their new reality formed in the wake of Thanos’ apocalyptic snap. Hawkeye makes a dramatic return—complete with a brand new aesthetic— and audiences finally witness Carole Danvers (Captain Marvel)’s exciting yet subdued introduction to the remaining Avengers (most namely, Thor and Black Widow).

Painted in striking shades of grey and red, the cinematography seems to allude to both a tone and overall plot that is stripped of the innocence and joy that made previous MCU films so endearing to audiences. But this loss of innocence doesn’t necessarily seem to be purely gloom and despair; the emphasis on the color red in this newest trailer seems to be alluding to a new chapter—a new “rebirth” so to speak, for both our current heroes, and those who will come after them.

Indeed, all who remain may have been stripped of the hope and power that made them such iconic superheroes, but in its place rises a new path, a new outlook that seems to emphasize less on the individual accolades of each superhero, and more on the greater good of the whole.

The greater good of the Universe.

This idea is further hinted upon when we take a glance at the final assembled crew of heroes—which now include Nebula, and War Machine, to name a few—as they walk towards a new determined path, all adorned in impressive, identical red and white super suits. All of them now speak the same mantra with composed determination: “Whatever it takes.”

Black Widow’s hair also tells a story of the timeline this installment will explore: in the scene where Thor meets Captain Marvel, Black Widow’s hair is still in its neat, platinum blonde bob. But throughout the remainder of the trailer, Natasha’s locks have returned to their signature red, with blonde tips highlighting the very bottom.

What does this mean for our heroes? Just how much time will pass before our final Avengers reach their goal of saving the Universe and returning all who Thanos destroyed?

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With Marvel being intentionally vague and coy with its trailers, it’s safe to say that audiences won’t truly find out the ending of this beloved story until April 26th.

But rest assured, we’ll all be holding our breaths (and creating new theories) until then!


Avengers: Endgame hits theaters everywhere April 26, 2019




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