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Missed Out On NYCC? Don’t Worry, We Gotchu!

Missed Out On NYCC? Don’t Worry, We Gotchu!

This year, New York Comic Con was PACKED with incredible things, but it was one particularly glorious time for fellow nerds of color.

From cosplay to inclusivity panels to indie comics, there was POC greatness popping up everywhere.

But if you couldn’t be there to see it, here are some of my personal favorite moments from NYCC 2018!

My little brother and I visiting the Pugli booth!

This was my first year as official press and you can bet your a** that I was determined to do my absolute best. Unfortunatelyyyy…I’m a procrastinator who takes procrastination to the absolute last minute. (“Procrastinator” as in I planned three cosplays, but finished only one of them.)

I scoped out as many freebies, food trucks, and bathrooms as I could–after I got an autograph from legendary voice acting talent, Phil LaMarr. (Forgive my nervous, somewhat horrifying smile.)

But not only did I get to meet Mr. LaMarr, as the first fan of the day, I landed a front row spot on the NYCC Facebook page! So my impromptu Kaz Kaan cosplay ended up becoming a lasting Con memory. And when I went to get with my brother on Friday to get an autograph for him, Mr. LaMarr remembered me!

It was only Day One, and NYCC was already fulfilling my dreams. The cosplay I got to see last week was magnificent! Unlike my 2015 experience, NYCC 2018 had a lot more POC showing up and showing TF out.

And you wanna know the best part of that? Asking the cosplayers if their costumes were handmade–and learning how much time and effort they put into the final product. There’s honestly nothing more awe-inspiring than seeing people showcase their talents and passion for their craft.

Wedding Dress Garnet from Steven Universe

@punkybruisercosplay on Instagram did NOT come to play with this gorgeous Garnet cosplay.

Red Robin

The entire costume was HANDMADE. The cosplayer said it took him two months!

Rey from Star Wars

Black Panther‘s Erik Killmonger

@sensei_bj took it straight to Wakanda with his boss-a** Killmonger cosplay!

Hector & Mama Imelda from Disney’s Coco

Hellboy & the Angel of Death

However, we can’t be sitting here talking about dreams coming true without mentioning three more of the literal best moments of my life: talking to the creator of Stranger Comics, interviewing New York Times best-selling author Sherrilyn Kenyon, and hunting down the rumored Sir Kensington’s x Bob’s Burgers food truck.

As a former English major, my passion has always been writing. It was a real OMG-this-is-happening moment when I got the opportunity to actually meet the people behind the fiction worlds that I love reading about. So stay tuned for the run-down of my interview with acclaimed author Sherrilyn Kenyon as well as my time talking with Sebastian A. Jones, the creative mind behind Niobe.

Posts on both of those experiences will be coming soon! (Pinky promise!) But not to worry, here’s what’s coming now: My hunt for the legendary Bob’s Burgers food truck!

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Thanks to my intense food truck surveillance, I caught wind of the truck early on. Unfortunately…none of the NYCC staffers I asked knew where to find it. I was about to give up asking another group of staffers on Sunday when luckily, a press check-in staffer overheard my question and asked a coworker where to find it!

It took me the whole four days, but it was totally worth it! I’m a huge Bob’s Burgers fan, so there was no way in hell that I was missing a chance to try one! There were two choices: the Team Bob “Carrot on My Wayward Bun” burger and the Team Louise “Natural Born Dillers” burger. Though Bob is one of my favorite characters on the show, I couldn’t betray my all-time fave, Louise.

Natural Born Dillers it was! And LORDT, it was glorious. I’m no food critic, but as a burger fan, I give it a solid 9/10.

Believe me when I say it was the perfect end to an awesome week. Authors, artists, fans, food…Lemme tell ya–NYCC was more than just a comic convention. It was a world of opportunities, a gathering of talent, and a means for more timid people like me to come out of our shells.


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