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Cosplayer, PeachiBunni Gives Advice For Beginner Cosplayers of Color

Cosplayer, PeachiBunni Gives Advice For Beginner Cosplayers of Color

I can’t wait to introduce you guys to PeachiBunni. She’s literally the cutest little thing I’d ever seen! 

How long have you been doing cosplay?

Ha! A very long time! I’ll say about 9 years now.

Tell us a little bit about yourself? 

Well outside of the Cosplay World, I’m very busy with work. In my spare time, I’m usually coming up with new ideas for my online store, shopping, bothering my friends, and finding reasons to go outside, like bike riding and going for walks. My Goal is this year is to get out and travel more with my friends.

Photo Credit: Vagabond Photography Photo Credit: Vagabond Photography

Do you prefer to work alone, or with others?

Although, I usually cosplay solo, nothing beats cosplaying with a group of friends! Cosplaying with new people can be fun too, though I can be pretty quiet around people I’m not used to. So I definitely prefer to learn a lote more about the people I plan to cosplay with!

What was your most expensive Cosplay?

Definitely Ball Gown Ciel. If I ever get to cosplaying Muffet from Undertale, those contacts alone will definitely have Ciel Beat.

Photo Credit: Vagabond Photography Photo Credit: Vagabond Photography

What is your favorite costume?

Oh man, You’re making me choose? Sailor Moon! I love Usagi! I grew up on Sailor Moon! It was the first anime I ever watched. I also dressed up as her for Halloween, when I was really little! So when I made the decision to cosplay her a few years back, I was way excited for it! My mom actually helped me make it for my birthday, Sailor Moon will Always have a special place in my heart, and apparently in my mother’s heart too!

What was your first convention?

Youmacon! It was so tiny back then, more like a hallway con. I was so happy to be there, so glad to see that it has definitely grown.

Photo Credit: Vagabond Photography Photo Credit: Vagabond Photography

What is your Dream Cosplay?

Definitely, Star Guardian Lux. It’s happening.

How do you save for cosplay?

Honestly, I wonder that myself. I feel like I spend so much money but I’m also somehow great with saving. I think one reason is that I only make or put together about 2-3 new costumes a year. So I never really felt like I had to save for one. I guess it takes me awhile to figure out my approach to a new costume.

What got you into cosplay?

So there was this one commercial on Adult Swim that advertised buying costumes of your fav character on their website. Something about having a cosplay party and I was like ” Look at these dorks LOL… Oh no, I’m gonna do this! That’s how I initially found out about cosplay, I looked online and saw amazing cosplayers from all over, including Pikmin Link, Honey Bunny and Adella. I was so captivated by the amount of effort and attention to detail in their costumes.

Seeing people have so much fun at cons, expressing themselves the way they want without a care in the world because they are with people that share similar interests. I wanted to be part of it since I felt that I didn’t really fit in anywhere else!

Photo Credit: Vagabond Photography Photo Credit: Vagabond Photography

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Advice to cosplayers who are afraid to cosplay out of their skin tone?

Never ever ever be ashamed of your skin color. Never feel less than anyone because of it. Never let it prevent you from doing something you enjoy. There will always be haters. Ignore them. Don’t feed them. Let them exhaust themselves. Let something as little as skin color drive them to the point that they generate such an unhealthy negative energy for themselves, driven completely by hate. Let them waste their own time getting upset over something that does not affect them.

Never let that kind of thing bring you down, because you know what? There are just as many people if not more, that will not care about your skin color. They will simply enjoy that you share similar interests. Think about your positive experiences, and surround yourself with positive people who treat you the way you’d want to be treated. You’re beautiful the way you are and you don’t have to change a single thing.

Any advice for new cosplayers?

Just go out and have fun! Bring your friends to a con. Have a fun little photoshoot. Check out some panels. Get inspired, be a good sport and don’t be afraid! Some new cosplayers are embarrassed to be seen in their costumes in public. But it’s okay, other cosplayers have your back. W’re all nerds, you’ll be surrounded by your own kind, and it’s honestly so comforting!

Photo Credit: Vagabond Photography Photo Credit: Vagabond Photography

Who are some of your cosplay role models?

Aw man! There are so many cosplayers that inspire me. Princess Mentality Cosplay is definitely one of my favorite cosplayers, not only because she’s an amazing artist, but also because she has a very big heart. I’m drawn to cosplayers, or people in general, who inspire and motivate me to not only continue to work on improving my art skills, but also inspires me to become a better person in some way.

What is your favorite thing about being a cosplayer?

For me, cosplay helped me express myself in ways I’d never had before. I love dressing up as my favorite characters.  I love being surrounded by people who make me feel more comfortable. I love making new friends! I met some of the coolest people ever! I met some of my closet friends when I got into cosplay! I met my best friend because of cosplay, and has been nearly 10 years now! It has definitely created some great memories for me. Becoming a cosplayer also inspired me to experiment with my own personal fashion, which is inspired by a little bit of everything! I was very shy and reserved growing up. It has helped me not to be afraid to do what I want anymore!

To learn more about PeachiBunni make sure to visit her Instagram and Twitter. Follow her facebook for more updates and costumes!


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