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Personality Quiz: Which Spider-Man Love Interest Are You?

Personality Quiz: Which Spider-Man Love Interest Are You?

With Far From Home not far from release, who do you most resemble from the web-slinger’s little black book?


You're going on a friend date with a new acquaintance! What's your suggestion for the day?

You've got to put on a last minute musical performance. What's your pick?

You prefer a job that involves...

Which word best describes you?

How do you handle embarrassment?

Personality Quiz: Which Spider-Man Movie Love Interest Are You?
You are Zendaya's MJ!

Just like Michelle, you're a snarky, sassy smartie who can stay true to herself no matter what the situation is. It might be hard to get close to you, but you're a loyal and loving friend when someone takes the time to crack your candy shell!
You are the unflappable Liz Allen!

Just like Liz, you are cool under pressure and a natural born leader. Don't let your sweetheart nature blind you to other people's faults!
You are Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy!

Just like Gwen, you always follow your heart. Relationships are a priority for you, whether they be romantic, platonic or familial. Just be sure to take time for yourself!
You are Kirsten Dunst's Mary Jane!

You're a classic stunner and the life of the party. Everyone wants to know you, but you only let a few people see who you truly are inside. Don't get too dazzled by the spotlights!
You are Spiderverse SpiderGwen!

Like Spiderwoman, you are fiercely independent and cooler than cool. Always up on the latest trends, you don't let anything but you define who you are and what you like. Be sure to bond with like minded people and you'll go far!

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