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POC Duos We Want To See On The Screen

POC Duos We Want To See On The Screen

Pinch yourself. Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson are the new PiB (People in Black), an update to the MiB franchise that originally starred Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. There is proof below.

On paper, it doesn’t seem like they made major adjustments to the dynamic. Instead of a black man, we have a black woman, and instead of an old white dude, we got a… younger white dude.

However, the obvious asterisk is that we’ve seen this duo before in “Thor: Ragnorak” and surprise, surprise, they were so good together that they got another franchise.

We’ve been blessed with great duos stemming back from Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte in the “48 Hours” movies all the way to the “Rush Hour” trilogy and the recent collaboration between Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart.

But what other duos would we like to see on screen? Specifically, what other POC duos would we love to see interact and potentially remake or update past or current franchises. Let’s explore a few options.

Lethal Weapon has technically already been “remade” on TV, but it doesn’t seem to be breaking new ground in terms of its casting choices. What if the franchise was resurrected back on the silver screen in the way of Ghostbusters, but with a bit more effort than supplanting the male cast with a female one.

What if Simone Missick, who played Misty Knight in Luke Cage, plays a detective in a predominantly black precinct and gets stuck with an Asian-American detective, played by let’s just say Jessica Henwick (their shows did just get cancelled), who secretly is also an IA officer investigating Simone Missick’s previous case where a white civilian was shot and killed.

I know this is a completely different story, but I’m betting the new MiB is as well and at least Lethal Weapon has some name recognition to bank off of. Speaking of name recognition…

How about an update to Rush Hour, but this time we have Awkwafina play a wild child New York detective and Letitia Wright play a police officer from England come to investigate an ambassador’s missing child case that American police won’t take on because… racism.

Also, this person has the right idea:

Now, there are numerous duos/teams we’d love to see, but how likely is it? Erring on the side of optimism and the development of the past few years, I’d say… it’s possible. Why? Because the crazy thing is that sometimes the internet works.

If you want to see certain people on screen, your voice matters in bringing those people up. In a literal way, #StarringJohnCho proved that people can speak things into existence. Or at least, tweet them into existence.

And thanks to the #TimesUp campaign, we were surprised with an all star cast of international actresses in a spy movie.

Nothing’s impossible and it looks like when we ask, we shall receive. What duos/teams would you like to see on the screen?

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