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Podcast Review: K-Pop! Daebak With Eric Nam

Podcast Review: K-Pop! Daebak With Eric Nam

Eric Nam for Allure Korea

“This is probably the most underwhelming podcast you have ever listened to but I’m here for it and I hope you are too” – Eric Nam’s words, not mine

Daebak K-Pop Podcast Show with Eric Nam

Eric Nam is selling himself a little short. To be fair, he is still finding his rhythm. This is totally understandable, especially if you’re working on a podcast independently. He even discloses that they’re “making stuff up as they go”. If you’re into K-Pop and you’re looking for a podcast that discusses the genre, this might be the podcast for you.

As described by the host himself, “This is not a K-Pop News podcast, its more of a closer look at the latest realeases from your favorite K-Pop stars”

What You’ll Like

The K-Pop Knowledge Nuggets

If you’ve been a K-Pop fan for 5 years or less, you will learn cool little nuggets. For example, if you’re not a seasoned ARMY, you might not know BTS is influenced by EPIK HIGH, especially SUGA and RM. Or why survivor shows are becoming more popular in the industry. Or the connection between Spring and love in Korean culture.

Insider Stories

In case you didn’t know, Eric seems to know everybody. He knows members of MOMOLAND, BTS, SNSD and Henry, to name a few. In the first episode he recalls a time he basically ended up at a Girls’ Generation reunion even Tiffany, who is working hard in the States, was there. Expect more subtle name drops in future episodes.

Eric Nam

Korean Lessons

If you’re into learning languages, this might be a great resource. Sometimes in the middle of the podcast, there is a mini-Korean lesson. It happens so organically it makes learning less daunting, plus it is nice to know the meaning behind songs. If this podcast doesn’t work out Eric should just teach listeners Korean

Episodes With Faves (Potentially)

There is no word yet on future guests, but Eric has thrown around a couple of names. Fingers crossed some of them actually happen. It’d be cool to hear famous guests on the show.

New Artists

Depending on how involved you are in K-Pop, Eric might be introducing you to new artists. If you stan only one group, thats cool, but if you want to broaden your horizons this might be the podcast for you.


His voice. Nuff said. No, Eric, its not mundane.

What You Might Not Like

Nice Guy

As mentioned above, Eric knows almost everyone. It can be a blessing and a curse. Since he is someone who is active in the industry, he probably has to tread lightly and can’t be too critical of anyone. He has yet to critique a song he has mentioned.

See Also

Writer’s note: Eric describes this podcast as a “deeper look” into releases, not necessarily a review. So maybe he wasn’t looking to critique songs in the first place. However, I just wanted to point it out.

Winging It

Since they are making it up as they go, there isn’t much structure to the podcast. For example, Eric reacted to Boy With Luv during Episode 2. Considering the nature of reactions, this would have probably worked better as a Youtube video.  If you’re a Type A person or prefer podcasts with structure, you might want to wait till they figure things out before listening.

It Must Be Said

Brian. You know what you did.

Just kidding.


Maybe leave the singing to Eric. Sorry!

If you’re a long-time Eric Nam fan or interested in listening to his music make sure to support him by streaming this podcast and his music. He also revealed he’ll be releasing new music on May 8th! Until then, enjoy this bop:

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