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New Gym Leaders Announced In ‘Pokémon Sword And Shield’

New Gym Leaders Announced In ‘Pokémon Sword And Shield’

A new Pokémon Sword and Shield trailer just introduced new Gym Leaders, Pokémon, and game mechanics. Some of these gym leaders will be version exclusive.



In the video, we see the debut of Allister and Bea. Allister is a Ghost-type Gym Leader who hides his face with a mask. Unlike him, Bea’s specialty is Fighting-type Pokémon. Her reputation includes her strength and rarely showing her emotions. Players will have to make the decision of which character appeals to them more since Allister is Shield exclusive and Bea is Sword exclusive. 


New Pokémon, like Alcremie, a Fairy-type that looks like whipped cream, has also been introduced and has already captured the hearts of everyone. As for the game features, Game Freak has a new dynamic called Gigantamaxing that makes your Pokémon grow in size and change its appearance. 

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It’s pretty easy to see that the excitement for this game has been building since it was announced on Nintendo Direct months ago. Almost every character reveal has been met with positivity and love. Characters like Nessa have certainly picked up a wide audience. Even with the controversy surrounding her release, at the core of things, many POC and black people specifically, are happy to see her. 

The regions in Pokémon have been based on real life locations since the beginning. In Pokémon Red and Blue, it was Japan. In Sun and Moon, it was Hawaii. For Sword and Shieldthe Galar region was inspired by Great Britain. The lineups full of characters not only diverse in their origins, but also in their looks can be pretty empowering for players. Pokémon as a series has practically been a household name since it came out in the 90s. Having such a varied array of characters – from their Gym Leaders to NPCs – reflects the way people and areas look in reality. While that shouldn’t be a monumental thing, it is and that representation is important.


The game is set to release November 15th, 2019 and you can read more about it here. What Pokemon or characters are you most excited to see?

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