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Prepare Your Edges, ATLA Director Is Making A New Can’t Miss Show

Prepare Your Edges, ATLA Director Is Making A New Can’t Miss Show

Okay what if I could tell you that you can get a high-fantasy adventure action-packed with elves, magic, knights, dragons, and two warring nations would you watch it? What if I could tell you that it is created by the director and co-writer of Avatar: The Last Air Bender? Would you want to watch then? We I’m excited to tell you that this show has all these things and more. Prepare yourself for you new favorite show The Dragon Prince.

This series is about two princes who end up meeting an elf and have go on a journey to stop their countries from starting a war. The premise opens up entire avenues of potential for the show and looking at the trailer it looks like it could be a good ride. The animation itself is in 3D, rather then 2D style that we are use too. That doesn’t mean that it is necessarily a bad thing, it just will take some getting use too. Taking a look at The Dragon Prince we see some real potential as more information is teased.

dragon prince characters posters

With a main cast of characters being announced we see some diversity. With both the king and one of the princes being black. So hooray for representation. Even though there are no details yet, it has been announced that there will be LGBTQA+ representation in the show. Which with prior history with these hype-up can go one or two ways. Either they deliver or they disappoint. With the current trend it is up in the air but with it being on Netflix and some of the creator working on the project I am leaning toward them delivering.

This show is the first project of new studio Wonderstorm created by Aaron Ehasz, Justine Richmond, and Justin Santistevan, who have worked on projects such as Futurama, Uncharted, League of Legends, and of course ATLA. So we know that they can put of a good product. The studio seems to be putting a lot of hopes on this show, as they are making a game to go along with it. On what platforms it will be coming out hasn’t been release yet. Though we do know the show will be released on September 14, 2018.

Are you excited for The Dragon Prince? Let us know if you’ll be watching in the comments!

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