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Pzzyfoot Band Is Your Dose of POC Meets Punk

Pzzyfoot Band Is Your Dose of POC Meets Punk

Written and Submitted by: Sanae Lahgazi Alaoui 

Pzzyfoot brings you punk with a twist of pop, rock, and soul as one of Atlanta’s coolest POC punk bands. Voted “Best Pop Group” in Creative Loafing Atlanta’s 2016 Reader’s Choice Awards, this group has a sound you’ll be craving. The alluring, edgy voice of lead singer- and vibe creator- Jamera pulls you in with poignant lyrics, while the band’s sound creates a rock-out vibe that lets any crowd loose.

Known to bring people onto center stage with her (if the venue is small enough), Jamera’s energy is lively and infectious. The band is influenced by pop, soul, 80’s rock and punk. With Jamera putting on a powerful performance, you’ll wanna let go and embrace the punk spirit right along with them. The band’s first full length album Religion is now streaming on all your major music platforms. With a crisp grungy sound, this group is definitely one to be listening for, fellow POC punk fans! Catch them in or around Atlanta, as they are currently touring Georgia:

The pzzyfoot group–yes like “pussyfoot”–is fairly new. Coming together in 2015, they added their fourth band member, drummer Joey Smith, in 2016. Along with Joey and Jamera, Julio Miranda is on guitar, and Monty Conner is on bass. With their single “Religion” out now, the group is moving towards a creative vision of produced sound combined with the fiery waves which birthed the inspiration for Pzzyfoot in the first place.


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The single “Religion”, speaks of people loving each other just as much as people love their religion, addressing the question, “I wonder if we loved each other as blindly as we loved the Gods that we can’t see- would the world be better for it?” This song, performed live for NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series, is an interesting example of the thematic message behind their music, which often focuses on human questions and delivers it in a fury of powerful sound. Jamera hits the high notes without holding back, she’s very free about it, pleading with her audience to join her in ecstasy.


(Thank you Sanae for your wonderful submission! Be sure to check out Sanae’s social media handle: @grandma_sunuh on Instagram, when you have a chance!)

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