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Quirk Astronomy: The Black Void In The White Hole

Quirk Astronomy: The Black Void In The White Hole

Thanks to the continuous photos surrounding the black hole from the Event Horizon telescope we are learning something new about galaxies everyday.

     As the infamous black hole is being polarized across the world some may forget that its lighter counterpart has just an important role in the makeup of the universe! Apparently, a white hole is the exact opposite of a black hole (ironic) in the sense of its role and makeup in the galaxy.

A black hole operates in the event that its gravitional pull is so strong nothing can escape it, including light (the fastest thing on earth). With a white hole nothing can enter its event, versus a black hole in which nothing can escape it. White holes are said to have been around before the start of the universe, (so essentially before the infinity stones flew across the galaxy) and can make up the mysterious dark matter people are still questioning. So how are the two connected? Well a few theories:

 Cosmic energy and matter fall into a black hole and are part what allows it to gain such a powerful gravitional pull. Apparently, this matter and energy can potentially be coming from a white hole, that in turn, could be in another universe entirely. Another theorist Carlo Rovelli, a french physicist, thinks that once a black hole completely evaporates it becomes a white hole.

So when it comes to the idea of dark matter, one of the greatest mysteries of science, white holes can be seen as partly the make up of it. Dark matter is tricky in the sense that it is invisible, it doesn’t emit, block or reflect light. We know dark matter exists because of the effects it has on other stars, galaxies, and other matter – say a white hole? When white holes are in their infancy they too are so small protons, don’t emit any radiation, and are essentially invisible.

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When white holes are swallowed by black holes, it is that event, that allows scientist the opportunity to study their makeup and possibly link it to dark matter. Whatever the case maybe these cosmic events prove that their is so much left to discover about space! We have barely begun to understand the vast intricacies of galaxies, multiple universes, and milky ways the whole nine.

     But as scientist continue to study the area surrounding the black hole and its event we gain insight to that vast world; I for one am looking out for some pretty iconic space ships zooming across the horizon every day!

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