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Quirk Astronomy: The Insides That Makes Nebula Tick

Quirk Astronomy: The Insides That Makes Nebula Tick

Nebula made ground breaking waves with her character arc through the Marvel Universe. Nebula has gone from being Gamora’s greatest adversary to the Avengers greatest asset.

But as kick ass as the Nebula character is on screen, the actual event that takes place in deep space is just as cool as her namesake. Below we’ll find out what makes Nebula…actually Nebula!

To begin with Nebulae basically form from an explosion from a dying star, like the one close to earth Helix Nebulae, which leaves gas and dust that clump together due to the weight of gravity. Once the gravity becomes so strong it literally begins to collapse under its weight, forming an intense amount of heat, which makes it the perfect place for star nurseries. The perfect and most notable example of this is the Orion Nebula.

You essentially know it as Orion’s belt, (a science fact that has inspired many great imaginations, Moi included!), as the Mayans believed it to be the cosmic fire of creation. The Nebula is roughly 15,000 light years away, making it the closest to earth, and its brightness in the universe unparalleled. Orion’s Nebula is becoming home to an array vast of new baby stars, it already being home to four of the universe’s biggest.

These four stars are called the Trapezium because they are arranged in a trapezoid pattern – they look literally look like diamonds in space.  However, as the saying goes, everything that glitters isn’t gold. While the stars inside the Nebula are safe, the ultraviolet light from the four mega stars combined create a large cavity cutting off the growth of smaller stars. As they say, you win some, and you lose some.

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The last cool thing about Orion’s Nebula is that it is speculated that disk have been forming around some of the stars that are essentially baking there. Seeing as how planets are formed from, or through nebula it would seem to fit to say that Orion’s Nebula has some rudimentary planets baking in there too!

So, Nebula may not be a high profiled, cyborg, female assassin who is the adopted daughter of a mad titan! But the true Nebula has also been proven to be radically cool as it is the birth place of epic stars, new planets, and who knows what else! Orion’s Nebula is in the news everyday as it’s distance from earth makes one of the easiest viewed and studied.

Next time you’re gazing at Orion’s belt think of the million possibilities that could be happening – it’s just a ‘few’ light years away!

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