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#QuirkCounselor: 5 Ways Quirky People Of Color Struggle To Be Themselves + 30 Mental Health Apps That Will Help You Through It

#QuirkCounselor: 5 Ways Quirky People Of Color Struggle To Be Themselves + 30 Mental Health Apps That Will Help You Through It

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When you’re a quirky kid of color, it feels nearly impossible to openly be yourself. You may already face most people in your life bashing you for liking “white people stuff”, but add mental health and mindset struggles? Now you’re on a whole ‘nother level of “only white people do that” woes.

Welcome to #QuirkCounselor! A new Quirktastic series where you can come for support, resources, encouragement, and inspiration to continue (or start!) living a life that genuinely brings you joy. Despite the naysayers and self-doubt you might experience trying to do so.

It’s craaazy, right? We honestly all have some level of struggle where we may need some sort of outside guidance or resource to help us navigate our feelings and mental health. But mental health is considered pretty taboo in Black culture, and for other people of color as well.

So it can be really hard to find somewhere to turn!

And to know it can potentially worsen with people in your life attacking you for liking things as harmless as cosplay, anime, and a little bit of rock ‘n roll (hello, “satan-worshipers”!)?

Whoo, chile.

How many of these instances can you relate to when it comes to people dismissing your cry for help, or lack of ability to offer a listening ear?


“Just pray about it.”

Although I’m someone who’d say prayer is GREAT, I also believe God placed other resources on this earth to supplement prayer as well.

I don’t know why people are so dismissive toward people’s emotions and alternative ways to heal… but they are. It’s discouraging, but when we’re in turmoil, I’m used to seeing it be brushed off as nothing a simple Bible verse or chat with God can’t completely heal in an instant.


First Generation Problems

I’ve sadly seen this scenario multiple times where first generation Americans are pressured to an extreme to step into a traditionally “successful” field and lifestyle.

Where the parents sacrificed everything to give their kids a life that was impossible elsewhere.

With what seems like so much at stake and so so much scarified for you, it’s not so easy to take the advice some Instagram quote has to “Screw the naysayers and do what you love!!!1”

So you can feel trapped, wanting to explore and discover other ways of life, but feel obligated (and may even be threatened) to “stay the path” your family has fated you with.


“You’re Not White!”

Last time I checked, color had nothing to do with what music you like or if you decided to wear tripp pants or cosplay or anything like that. But apparently someone pulled it out of the ether that some things people do are “white” and those lines of interest shouldn’t exist, let alone be crossed.

Being bullied into believing you can’t like what you want to like is ridiculous, especially when a lot of what’s deemed white originates from Black culture.

But it certainly is something we have to experience and deal with, unfortunately.


You Can’t Be Successful Being Different

Like cartoons? Cosplaying? Anything that strays from “safe and stable” jobs and interests that you’re “supposed” to be into at your age?

Well how are you supposed to enjoy what you love when no one wants you out here loving it?

It seems impossible sometimes to be yourself when so many people can tell you it’s wrong. Even though it hurts no one.

People project what they believe to be true onto others, and many people believe it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Actually, our unconscious minds are made to “protect” us from the unknown. That’s why trying to change habits can feel so hard for us. No matter how bad something may be for us, we at least are familiar with it more so than entering the unknown.

But many people take those risks to be happier and more fulfilled. It’s just that most of the world can tend to see life differently.


Starving Artist: Activate!

Per usual, any creative field is looked at as a dangerous beast to go up against. But there are definitely people of all colors and backgrounds who’ve “made it” as a creator.

But most people would shut down anyone’s desire to pursue a creative field because they automatically believe they’ll fail and struggle and be miserable.

Most people wouldn’t want you to even give it a chance, even though there’s literally NO rules for how success can happen for anyone.

Even with opposing proof out there, people who hold the belief that creative paths are impossible and success is linear will only see whatever proves their point right. (Literally another function of the unconscious mind: it’ll prove your beliefs right unless you intentional reprogram it.)


There’s An App For That

Unfortunately we’re still living in a world where minorities struggle to freely talk about their mental health. There were definitely times in my life where I wished I had the type of apps and resources that are available today!

So until we’re able to create more openness in our community about our mental health, technology has our backs to help us along our journey.


Atlas: Life’s Journal


Mental Health Apps for People of Color



DESCRIPTION: A beautifully-made app that allows you to has out deep, taboo questions in writing or through a voice recording. You also get daily perspectives which are great thinking points for the day.

RATING: 5/5 with 42 reviews





Mental Health Apps for People of Color

FREE with PAID options

AVAILABLE ON: iOS and Android

DESCRIPTION: An AI coach chatbot that utilizes services like CBT, DBT, yoga, meditation and more in an approachable texting fashion. It’s a chatbot that feels like you’re talking to a friend, but keeps you accountable with your feelings and emotions the more you use it.

RATING: 4.6/5 with 322 reviews on iOS, and 4.5/5 with 19,485 reviews on Android






Mental Health for People of Color

PAID: $4.99


DESCRIPTION: A thought and mood journal that incorporates CBT techniques to help you reflect on what you’re feeling and why you may be feeling it.

RATING: 4.7/5 with 5,992 reviews






mental health app for depression


FREE with PAID options

AVAILABLE ON: iOS and Android

DESCRIPTION: An app that helps you discover patterns in your thoughts and feelings. It utilizes fun games, exercises, and activities to begin training your brain to start thinking positively and more intentionally in general.

REVIEW: 4.4/5 stars with 1.7k reviews on iOS; 4.8/5 stars with 2,048 reviews on Android





Mental Health App Sanvello for Stress and Anxiety


FREE with PAID options

AVAILABLE ON: iOS and Android

DESCRIPTION: A habit-tracking app that also utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy and other science-backed activity to help relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. Leaving you happier overtime.

WHAT USERS SAY: Many people are open to paying for the lifetime or monthly membership because they say the guided paths and details for helping you navigate and re-frame any moments you’re overthinking is invaluable.



Mindset: Hypnosis & Self Love


mental health app mindset hypnosis and self love


FREE trial before PAID options


DESCRIPTION: From becoming a more confident person, to increasing motivation and EVERYTHING in-between. This hypnosis app helps improve your life and what you need simply by listening (like a meditation app!).

WHAT USERS SAY: Users are raving about their results with the app! One user said they love how the anxiety module helped them face situations in their life that would’ve crushed them before. Another person said listening has helped them make subtle shifts in their life, like effortlessly move away from emotional eating.



Smiling Mind


mental health app mindset and meditation


FREE (!!!)

AVAILABLE ON: iOS and Android

DESCRIPTION: Smiling Mind is an entirely FREE meditation app developed by psychologists and educators to give mindful meditation access to all.

WHAT USERS SAY: Users are LOVING that this app is completely free and have said they’ve had breakthroughs about meditation that they’ve never experienced before on their own or with other apps. Plenty pf people said their kids also really enjoy this app.



Moodtrack Social Diary


mental health app Mood track private mood diary


FREE unless you want to upgrade to make it private ($.99)

AVAILABLE ON: iOS and Android

DESCRIPTION: A simple app that tracks your moods and you can even chat anonymously with people about what’s going on in your head.

WHAT USERS SAY: Users seem to love the simplicity and convenience of this app, despite a few bugs (and trolls within the anonymous chat area).





mental health app headspace meditation app


FREE and PAID options

AVAILABLE ON: iOS and Android

DESCRIPTION: If you haven’t heard about Headspace online or on TV, where have you been?! Headspace is a meditation app that guides you to health and happiness.

WHAT USERS SAY: Users ultimately love the app, but as I write this Android users have had issues with the meditations freezing in the midst of a session. Aside from that, people love learning how to meditate, and falling asleep to Headspace.



10% Happier: Meditation


mental health app 10% happier meditation app for skeptics


FREE and PAID options

AVAILABLE ON: iOS and Android

DESCRIPTION: This mediation app was developed after ABC news anchor Dan Harris had a panic attack on TV. He realized he needed to get help, but didn’t know where to start. He found meditation but was skeptical until it helped him IMMENSELY! Now this app exists to help people similar to him begin getting into meditation.

WHAT USERS SAY: Many users found this app to really help manage their racing thoughts and helped them learn how to navigate said thoughts. People are really enjoying the free trial and are willing to pay for more.



Emojion Journal & Mood Diary


emojion journal and mood diary mental health app


FREE with the PAID option to remove ads


DESCRIPTION: An emoji-based mood-tracking diary app. It also offers efficient ways for you to track how you feel and your specific mood easily and effortlessly.

WHAT USERS SAY: Users really enjoy how easy and simple this app is. Because it’s such a quick process and are also able to effectively express themselves, they’re loving it.





mental health apps reflectly mindfulness journal app


FREE trial, I believe. Or limited access with PAID options

AVAILABLE ON: iOS and Android

DESCRIPTION: An AI-ran intelligent journal that offers plenty of ways to reflect and enhance your well being (from tracking your thoughts, to audio reflections).

WHAT USERS SAY: A few users said the app is very limited unless you pay for the subscription. But others really enjoy a place to vent and receive a bit of feedback on what they thought.



Perspective, a mindful journal


mental health app perspectice a mindful journal


FREE with a DONATION option



WHAT USERS SAY: This app isn’t flowery, overwhelming, or over-the-top. Nor is it basic. Users love how you can go back to reflect on old journal entries and the simplistic prompts that make you think but not overwhelmingly so. 



Aloe Bud


mental health app aloe bud self care app


FREE with PAID options


DESCRIPTION: A (SUPER cute) 8-bit app that helps you create self-care routines, sends gentle and loving reminders, and any type of alerts you need to follow through your routines. A check in and reminder app that is beneficial for mental health and beyond.

WHAT USERS SAY: This app was a kickstarter before it became an app and plenty of people were waiting for its release. One user said they were waiting around since 2017 and say it was worth the wait. Other users say the app is so helpful without making you feel shame and/or guilt for your needs.





mental health app calm app for meditation, stress, and sleep


FREE with PAID options

AVAILABLE ON: iOS and Android

DESCRIPTION: An app to help you start or unwind your day. Filled with guided meditations and and sleep aids.

WHAT USERS SAY: They love how calming and relaxing the tracks are. And all the options that are available! Be sure to cancel the free trial; a lot of people are making complaints about the “surprise” $50 – $70 charge to their accounts because of it.



Simple Habit- Meditation


mental health app simple habit mediation app


FREE with PAID options

AVAILABLE ON: iOS and Android

DESCRIPTION: Quick, 5-minute, on-the-go guided meditations for anxiety relief.

WHAT USERS SAY: Users are loving this app as first-time meditate attempts the fact that it’s so simplistic and fulfilling without leaving you craving more for the day. People have seen improvements using this app consistently.



Insight Timer – Meditation App


mental health app insight timer meditation app


Lots of FREE options with a PAID upgrade


DESCRIPTION: Considers itself the #1 free mediation app and also includes talks led by mindfulness experts from around the world.

WHAT USERS SAY: Users are blown away by all the free resources! There is everything from meditations for different religious backgrounds, to visualizations and hypnosis tracks. People love the accessibility and community built around this app as well.



Brightmind: Meditation


mental health apps brightmind



FREE with PAID options

AVAILABLE ON: iOS and Android

DESCRIPTION: A meditation app that not only lets you practice meditation, but creates awareness and education around what meditation IS and how you can be transformed by it.

WHAT USERS SAY: Users love the way the app has such an educational approach to meditation, as well as seeing subtle changes that have made huge impacts on how they react to situations in their day-to-day lives.



Shine – Self-Care & Meditation


mental health apps shine self-care and meditation app


FREE with PAID options

AVAILABLE ON: iOS and Android

DESCRIPTION: Shine app is a personal pep-talk in your pocket! Use it for anything from productivity, to stress and anxiety; Shine’s here to remind you that, “you got this.”

WHAT USERS SAY: One user called this app a medicine and pocket-sized friend. Others give it praise for it creating a better relationship with their phone and with themselves.


See Also


Jour – Guided Journaling


mental health app Jour guided journaling app




DESCRIPTION: A guided journaling app that helps you reflect, and leads you down a path toward self-care.

WHAT USERS SAY: Users say they really love how this app guides them through a more transformative journaling process. They also love how they can reflect on past writings or have seen themselves open the app to use it throughout the day and before bed.



Fabulous – Daily Motivation


mental health app fabulous daily motivation app


FREE before it becomes PAID

AVAILABLE ON: iOS and Android

DESCRIPTION: A life coach-like app that helps you complete goals and create habits for your life.

WHAT USERS SAY: Users say this app is a life-changer and really has helped them create better habits for their life. They enjoy using it daily and the tasks are manageable.



Sayana: Thoughts & Feelings


mental health apps sayana app on journeying to wellness


FREE one week trial then PAID monthly subscription



WHAT USERS SAY: Users say they’ve had a more positive outlook on life and have gotten a lot out of the app by being honest and consistent. It holds you accountable and helps you realize things about yourself you may not have understood or noticed otherwise.



Woebot – Your Self-Care Expert


mental health app woebot a self-care AI CBT chat bot



AVAILABLE ON: iOS and Android

DESCRIPTION: Daily lessons and check-ins, and AI chats to help you feel better

WHAT USERS SAY: Users say this is just like dabbling in therapy sessions but easier to access. It’s been helping people reframe their thoughts and the more consistently it’s used, the more you’re able to get out of it.



What’s Up? – A Mental Health App


mental health app what's up? mental health app for anxiety and depression


FREE unless you want to DONATE

AVAILABLE ON: iOS and Android

DESCRIPTION: An app that uses CBT and ACT therapy techniques to help you cope and manage stress, anxiety, depression, anger, and more.

WHAT USERS SAY: Users love how simple and effective this app is! Several users have stated that it has truly helped them overcome their depression or anxiety when opening this app.



MindShift CBT – Anxiety Canada


mental health app mindshift CBT anxiety app



AVAILABLE ON: iOS and Android

DESCRIPTION: A science-based anxiety tool/app!

WHAT USERS SAY: Users used to say this was an okay app, but since its update it’s significantly better! People are saying it’s helping their anxiety and they’re loving the “chill zone” aspect of the app.



Moodpath: Depression & Anxiety


mental health app moodpath depression and anxiety app


FREE trial then monthly PAID subscription

AVAILABLE ON: iOS and Android

DESCRIPTION: An anxiety and depression mood-tracking app

WHAT USERS SAY: Users say it’s been an excellent resource to track their depression and mood. They can get several prompts throughout the day to check in and one user said it helps him take action using the app.



Stop, Breathe & Think


mental health app stop, breathe, think app


FREE with PAID subscriptions

AVAILABLE ON: iOS and Android

DESCRIPTION: Check in with your feelings and receive recommendations for meditations and mindfulness.

WHAT USERS SAY: Several users said that they rarely leave reviews, but are doing so for this app because it’s made such a noticeable shift in their life.



Moods: Mental Health Tracking 


mental health apps mood mentalh health tracking




DESCRIPTION: An app that lets you record your mood quickly and easily.

WHAT USERS SAY: People are enjoying it for its simplicity and how quick you can track your mood.



Daylio Journal


mental health apps daylio journal



AVAILABLE ON: iOS and Android

DESCRIPTION: A simple two-step micro diary with lots of ability to customize.

WHAT USERS SAY: Users love how intuitive and quick this app is. Despite being a quick, in-and-out app, they love the details and visuals within the app as well. 





mental health apps youper emotional health assistant


FREE with PAID subscriptions

AVAILABLE ON: iOS and Android

DESCRIPTION: An AI bot-ran app that helps you analyze your feelings as well as why you feel the way you do. It also has meditations chosen based on your mood, as well as a mood-tracker.

WHAT USERS SAY: Users LOVE this app. They say they’re able to understand


Featured Image via Tsjisse Talsma


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