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Quirk Rehash:The Rise of HellBoy: Gear Up For This Helltastic Event!

Quirk Rehash:The Rise of HellBoy: Gear Up For This Helltastic Event!

    It seems like everywhere we turn there’s a big event happening for every Quirk. With the recent release of Captain Marvel, Shazam, and the long awaited Avengers: Endgame, and Game of Thrones premiere – its hard not to get lost in the sci-fi/fantasy craze!

That’s why its slightly refreshing to see another movie rise from the ashes of fire and blood and probably command the box office this weekend. His name is Hellboy and he’s here, hopefully this Quirk rehash of Hellboy will get you ready for the premiere this weekend!

To start off with let’s go over some Hellboy lore. A Dark Horse comic release, Hellboy is an immersive dark fantasy created by Mike Mignola in 1994. Legend has it that Hellboy was born of a witch who was a consort to a demon duke of Hell Azzael. After Hellboy was born of fire (literally), his father Azzael cuts off the newborns’ right hand and replaced it with The ‘Right Hand of Doom’ – talk about blood is thicker than water.

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     Cut to some Nazi’s trying to get a leg up at the end of WWII and Hellboy (real name Anung Un Rama) is summoned from hell. When baby Anung proves to be more of a lost kid in the wrong place at the wrong time Professor Broom Bruttenholm adopts him and raises him as human son. When he grows into an adult Hellboy officially becomes apart of the B.P.R.D.(Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense). Everything that comes afterwards in a sense is Hellboy’s adventure as he discovers his origins, juggle life, and most importantly keep earth from being destroyed by other forces of Hell.

The first two live action films came from the genius mind of Guillermo Del Toro, where we gained loveable characters like Abe the Sapien and Liz. In Hellboy and Hellboy: Golden Army (my personal favorite) Ron Perlman seems to approach the character from a more humanoid side (as human as possible)  and being summoned to be the harbinger of earth’s destruction. Now with this all new production starring Stranger Things David Habour, Ian Mcshane, and Milla Jovovich, Hellboy seems to be taking a drastic different turn – and that’s a good thing.

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            The recent release of the trailers seems to suggest that Hellboy has just accepted his hellish side, with a snarky side of sarcastic humor, and is just along for the ride to help eliminate any unworldly threats. Daniel Dae Kim from Lost, is depicted as a leopard shifter in the film, making him less the side kick for comedic relief but more the side kick to run from. Bring in Milla Jovovich as Nimune Blood Queen a woman bent on raising hell (literally), and it looks like she and Hellboy may have been romantically involved at one point; Hellboy is in for a much scarier doomsday.

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     Complete with R rated language, gore, and downright disgusting creatures Hellboy looks to be a bloody good action adventure filled with dark humor, debauchery, and a fire crown fit for a King or Queen! And if that isn’t enough Dark Horse comics are releasing a book dedicated to Hellboy’s story and the Art of the Motion Picture. This hardcover has 200 pages of chapters dripping in red – concept art, costume design, sketches, and maybe even a flaming sword!

    So hopefully this Quirk Rehash has given you enough stamina to raise some hell with this bad boy and his right hand! Check out the trailers below for a more in depth look at all that’s to come!

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