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Quirk Support: 5 Creative Projects To Back Over The Holidays

Quirk Support: 5 Creative Projects To Back Over The Holidays

As many of us know, it can be difficult raising money for creative projects so in addition to your list of friends and family to bestow blessings upon this holiday season, why not extend that generosity to deserving quirky projects?

A donation or a simple share goes a long way.  Take the short film, Blight for instance.  Thanks to the support from quirks like you, their Kickstarter campaign was able to reach and surpass their fundraising goals! Amazing!


To keep up the momentum, here are five other projects that could definitely use your support:

1. The Boxers of Brule

“There’s a good side of me that just wants to do good – try to fix everything.  And this other side just wants me to destroy everything and make everyone feel how I feel.” – Shaionna Grassrope

The Boxers of Brule tells the story of Shaionna, a 23-year-old Native American (Lakota) woman who lost her best friend Cheryl to suicide. Cheryl – her cousin by blood and sister by culture – was an aspiring boxer who battled depression and addiction. Though struggling with the same factors that drove Cheryl to suicide, Shaionna creates a boxing team for the girls following in their footsteps in desperate hope of leading them down a safer path.

Shaionna Grassrope – photo by J. Adler

Directed by Jessie Adler, the voices in the film are those of three generations of Lakota Sioux women. Through their personal experience and perspective, we learn about the larger social issues impacting many Native reservations today including, depression, drug addiction, and suicide. With an all-female crew and a co-producer from the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, the film provides an honest exposé of a grossly neglected people in our country.

Current reports show suicide rates on Native reservations to be 3.5 times higher than any other racial or ethnic group nationally with 40% of Native Americans who die by suicide between the ages of 15 and 25. Since the beginning of filming 16 months ago, the cast and crew have witnessed a loss of six loved ones to suicide in the community. An urgent and complex issue, this film seeks to build better understanding by looking through the lens of these young women and girls.

With just three weeks left of their campaign, The Boxers of Brule needs additional funding to cover the costs of post-production and festival screenings.  Help this film get the recognition it so richly deserves here.  

The Boxers of Brule Trailer

THE BOXERS OF BRULE TRAILER IS OUT! Watch the full version here!

Posted by Boxers of Brule Film on Monday, November 26, 2018

2. Queerdo 

This short film and thesis project shows Dee (Aarianna ‘AJ’ Johnson), a non-binary runaway teen from a wealthy yet abusive family, enchanted by the gay mecca of America: San Francisco. But soon they realize this life of newfound freedom is more complicated than they initially anticipated. Filmmaker Bianka Alexandria Bell brings us an intimate tale based on her own experiences as a self-proclaimed ‘queerdo’:

Director, Bianka A. Bell

“Frameworking the LGBTQ, PoC and homeless communities in this light are very intentional actions on my part because I believe that these communities are generally not given enough attention, discourse, or respect. Thus, there is even less often a reflection of the diverse experiences of people who exist within these sub-categories. I am hoping that ‘Queerdo.’ begins to generate a more complex, layered discussion about the realities that exist within the intersections of race, economics, sexuality, and identity.”

I’m hopeful too, Bianka! To find out more about ‘Queerdo. and to make a donation, click here.

3. Makhaliss 

This dark fantasy takes place in Japan with a different approach in telling the story through the eyes of a reaper who doesn’t understand why some spirits choose to suffer. Showcasing the Japanese people’s unique yet “extreme” philosophy on death, cold-hearted reaper, Makhaliss (Diana Acevedo), meets a dying 17-year-old girl, Satsuki (Yui Ohta), who struggles to save her single mother from the worst agony she could endure: watching her child die.

Diana Acevedo as ‘Makhaliss’
Kotomi Hirota as ‘Manami’

With 25 days left to fund, Makhaliss comes from director Koji Yamamoto – a California State graduate born and raised in Japan.  With Makhaliss, Yamamoto seeks to shed light on how Japan has one of the highest suicide rates in the world mainly because of their own unique philosophy on death: “I wanted to make a film that shows this somewhat extreme philosophy and culture through the eyes of a reaper, who does not belong to the world of human beings.”

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You can support Makhaliss here.

4. Dissonance

Set in 90s NY, a queer Asian punk (Briana Sakamoto) discovers a room where dreams are recorded, awakening unknown desires. 90’s? Women of color? Queer punk women of color? All in a sci-fi dream world? Sign me up!!! Dissonance has just 24 more hours left in their campaign so if you feel compelled to donate, do it asap!

Director, Kim Garcia

Behind the scenes is a group of talented women from Brooklyn College’s Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema working together on this thought-provoking thesis film.  The team includes director, Kim Garcia, director of photography, Kristen Meloche (who recently completed shooting TV episodes for NYC Media’s TV show Half-Life with Producer Elizabeth Balla), and editor Grace Novak.

Briana Sakamoto stars as ‘Rio’

Help Dissonance finish strong here.

5. Nubiamancy

Nubiamancy is a social media platform which features black/African stories in science-fiction, fantasy, and horror settings. Started by filmmaker, Asante Massawa, its mission is to help normalize seeing people of African descent in entertainment genres that underrepresent them. After four years of culminating over 10,000 quality works of art, Nubiamancy is now focusing on building a film studio to bring these works to life.

Nubiamancy will begin with short films based on some of the content displayed on their online platform with a long-term goal of transitioning into full-length feature films. All funding will go towards start-up capital for film equipment, insurance, cast & crew, locations, pre/post-production, etc.

Happy Holidays, Quirksters!!!

No matter the form, we at Quirktastic would like to thank you for the support you already give.

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