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#QuirkCounselor: 4 Hacks To Start Believing Positive Affirmations That Sound Like Total BS

#QuirkCounselor: 4 Hacks To Start Believing Positive Affirmations That Sound Like Total BS

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“Money comes to me easily and effortlessly” Did you internally roll your eyes HARD after reading that? Well, today I’m here to help with that.

Welcome to #QuirkCounselor! The Quirktastic series where you can come for support, resources, encouragement, and inspiration to continue (or start!) living a life that genuinely brings you joy. Despite the naysayers and self-doubt you might experience trying to do so.

When we say affirmations like, “my income is increasing all the time”, our subconscious mind is the part of us that “fact-checks” it to see if it’s true or not.

And what’s ultimately true or not depends on the the limiting beliefs we hold (and have been holding our entire lives). How we choose to feel, react, and respond to the information that we receive is on us.

So bridging the gap between what we truly want to believe for ourselves, and actually believing it all takes time… and, a little finessing with these hacks.


Thought Ladders

You already know saying certain affirmations that don’t feel true just don’t penetrate.

They eventually can with enough repetition (like I said before, it took many years to get the limiting beliefs you have now ingrained in your subconscious)… but why strictly go through a route with so much resistance?

That’s where thought ladders come in!

Thought ladders lead you closer and closer to the affirmations you want to ultimately believe through more convincing wording.

Here’s an example for you… say the thought, “I’ll always struggle financially” is one you currently hold.

Instead of trying to get your subconscious mind to accept, “I am financially abundant” when you don’t feel that way, we transition into it.

“I’ll always struggle financially” isn’t a helpful belief to hold period. So instead of that, let’s have you say, “I’m open to believing that I someday can be financially abundant.”

Feels better and more “realistic”, yeah?

Eventually, we can move from that phrase to, “I’m learning I can someday be financially abundant.”

And finally, “I am financially abundant!”

Gradually getting to the affirmation you’d like to believe will keep your subconscious mind from automatically shutting down the idea that anything you’d love to believe for your life can’t be possible.


Don’t Forget To FEEL It!

Most mindset work isn’t passive! And in this case, there’s more to saying affirmations than just… well, saying them. We have to be aware of how we’re feeling when we say them too.

Speaking the positivity you wish would be your reality shouldn’t feel like a burden or chore; it should feel good.

Did you know your subconscious can’t tell the difference between what’s actually happening in the physical world, and a thought?

Just think about the time you thought about someone you were crushing on and how it made you physically blush and sweat and get all hot and bothered. Or something a little less exciting like rehashing a fight you had with your boss in your head, and how it made your heart race and your body tense-up.

So focus less on the mechanics of just saying your affirmations and begin working on feeling great when saying them.

And changing your state is something you have total control over. Decide to take the power back over your own life and choose how you react, respond, and feel toward anything that happens in it!


See Also

Don’t Say Negations

If I tell you NOT to think of a blue tree, you still thought of a blue tree, didn’t you?

Our subconscious mind can’t process negations. So if you decide to say affirmations like, “I’m not broke!” will just make you process the “broke” portion, not the not being bit.

And another lesson about becoming more aware of ourselves is to see what words make you feel icky (budgeting or debt for instance) and find new, more positive ways to talk about these types of topics.

“My account balance is always in the positive!” instead of anything debt-related.

“I am financially responsible and independent with my finances!” instead of budgeting, if that word makes you shudder.


You Said It Best

One final tip I have for you is to record yourself saying the affirmations that hit home for you most.

Do a little research in affirmation apps, on Pinterest, Instagram, Google… and type them up in a Google Doc as a list. Then you can either record yourself on your phone saying them, or do what I did and record myself on the Anchor app saying my affirmations so I could have background music to go along with it.

Having your own voice speak your affirmations into existence is more powerful than just reading it to yourself or hearing someone else’s voice tell you what you’d like to hear.

And one other thing… your subconscious is most vulnerable as soon as you wake up, and right before you go to be (when you start getting sleepy). So be sure to listen to your affirmations during those times for sure, as well as throughout the day when you feel you need to.

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What do you think of these tips for taking on positive affirmations? Do any of them interest you? Don’t forget to share the post and discuss it on the Quirktastic friendship app!

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