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#QuirkCounselor: Energy Vampires! How To Spot And Stake These Very Real Threats

#QuirkCounselor: Energy Vampires! How To Spot And Stake These Very Real Threats

Energy Vampire Sae from Peach Girl

Is there someone in your life where just them approaching you brings your energy down? And the way they interact with you makes it even worse? You have yourself an energy vampire! Let’s keep you safe from ’em.

Welcome to #QuirkCounselor! The Quirktastic series where you can come for support, resources, encouragement, and inspiration to continue (or start!) living a life that genuinely brings you joy. Despite the naysayers and self-doubt you might experience trying to do so.

This week, we’re working on bringing more sanity and joy in your life by tackling energy vampires.

Energy vampires are very real and can be found in your spouse, friends, family members, co-workers, acquaintances, and more!

So stay vigilant and don’t think just because you have a loved one in your life that they can’t drain your precious energy.\


How Can I Spot An Energy Vampire?

There are many types of energy vampires, but know the main thing they do to you is take take take, but never give. They can’t maintain any form of energy force so they drain others of theirs however possible.


Who’s Usually The Prey For Energy Vampires?

I believe anyone can be a target for energy vampires, but they tend to find easy targets that are very loving, caring, and tend to see the good and positivity in anyone and anything.


How Can I Protect Myself (Especially If I Can’t Escape Them)?

Here are a few ways to either cope or sever an energy vampire… Because I know not every person can be instantly avoided to protect yourself.

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First, get into the mindset that your energy is IMPORTANT! It needs to be protected to help aid you in staying at your prime. After that, you can work on protecting said energy like so:

  • Realize that you don’t have to take what anyone does or says to you to heart. You have the power to choose how you respond, react, and feel toward any situation.


  • Change the topic or focus when you feel them “feeding” off you.
  • Stay aware and realize that how they’re acting or reacting is on them, not you.
  • Do some energetic cord cutting around that person (especially if they’re someone you love and are always around).
  • Imagine creating a protective bubble around you that keeps you and your energy safe.
  • Begin working on boundaries to keep you safe on all accounts.
  • Focus on your breath; inhale deeply, pause, then exhale slowly.
  • Step away, if you can. (Find ways to distance yourself from them.)

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Do you have any energy vampires in your life? What techniques are you wanting to try first? Let’s talk about keeping ourselves safe over on the Quirktastic app.

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