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#QuirkCounselor: How to Deal With Negative Emotions + Why They Hold You Back In Life

#QuirkCounselor: How to Deal With Negative Emotions + Why They Hold You Back In Life

How to control and deal with negative emotions

There’s something you need to dissect in your life that some positive affirmation band aid simply will not fix.

Tell me… what makes you angry, mean. spiteful, vengeful, jealous, manipulative, or anything else “not nice”?

But more importantly: WHY?

Welcome to #QuirkCounselor! The Quirktastic series where you can come for support, resources, encouragement, and inspiration to continue (or start!) living a life that genuinely brings you joy. Despite the naysayers and self-doubt you might experience trying to do so.

So today I wanted to talk about self-awareness when it comes to feeling like crap, for whatever reason.

Because when we’re feeling bad or reacting in a negative way, it can really halt our day(s) and/or damage relationships/situations beyond repair.

  • You can’t focus on work so you fall behind and get overwhelmed or get reprimanded.
  • You can’t focus on fun activities (and where’s the fun in that?).
  • You say something you can’t take back in the moment.
  • Your bad funk ruins an otherwise good day (or several, if you let it!).
  • You do or say things period that burn bridges you never wanted to burn.
  • You find yourself doing or saying things you continue to regret later, period.

SO… How do we work on avoiding any of the above?

By getting to the bottom of it rather than letting the moments pass and the cycles continue.


Look At The Bad Things Differently

First of all I want you to see the “less than pleasant” parts of you as pieces that signal a need for some realignment.

Our goal isn’t perfection, just growth. And growth comes from not only learning from life-changing resources, but from implementing what you learn when facing the exact moments that usually make you revert back to your old ways.

Look at the moments in your life when you’re causing chaos as markers for places you need to dig deeper to find out why you do what you do.


Work On Your Awareness

Continuing that last point, start seeing what makes you tick, and what makes you explode (or feel anything that’s less than pleasant).

You could simply be having an off day, or something could be triggering you to (re)act in an unfavorable way. Regardless, start practicing your ability to notice it when it happens.

What does your body feel like? Is there any pain? Tension? Pressure? Where at?

See Also

What sets you off? How do you want to negatively react?

Keep practicing becoming more aware! It’s like working a muscle: have to keep working it if you’re wanting to see it strengthen.


Give Yourself Grace

Ultimately whether you’re going through this process in the name of self-growth or not, you need to give yourself grace on this journey. Whether you’re unearthing some painful traumas or are just having a funky day, be kind to yourself through it.

I’ve talked down on myself more times than I’d like to admit, and it honestly does way more harm than good.

You’re all you’ve got in the end; treat yourself as well as you’d treat anyone else you love with all your heart. 

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Have you ever heard of doing something like this before? Is it something you’re willing to try? Let’s talk about it over on the Quirktastic friendship app to start creating better lives for ourselves.

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