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Quirktastic Announces QuirkCon: Its First Annual Conference For Geeks, Alternatives, And Free-Spirits Of Color

Quirktastic Announces QuirkCon: Its First Annual Conference For Geeks, Alternatives, And Free-Spirits Of Color

Heads up, Quirk guys and gals!

Quirktastic is pleased to officially announce its first ever conference: QuirkCon!

QuirkCon will take place in Durham, North Carolina from May 31 to June 2nd as a 3-day conference focusing on geeks, gamers, nerds, alternatives, and free-spirits, with a primary focus on people of color and the LGBT+ community. If you’ve been on our social media channels lately, you’ve no doubt seen the announcements as we’ve revealed exciting new guests and panels! From influencers to cosplayers, to animators and tattoo artists, there’s a little something for everyone in our QuirkCon guests. Here’s just a short list of who to expect at QuirkCon:

  • Kiera Please (social media influencer)
  • Momo Pixel (founder of Hair Nah)
  • Jeff Trammell (Cartoon Network’s Craig of The Creek)
  • Searit Huluf (Pixar)
  • Black Girls Anime
  • Adorned By Chi
  • Imani K. Jones (IPukekawaii)

And so many more! In addition to these guests will be panels covering a wide array of topics including anime, cosplay, gaming, comic books, sci-fi, art, film, mental health, and alternative lifestyles.

QuirkCon will also host Day Parties and Night Parties in the realm of geek, gaming, and music. These include:

  • A Sailor Moon-themed “Sailor Scouts & Twist Outs” Pool Party at Unscripted
  • A “Girl Gamers Happy Hour” hosted by L.A.N Party
  • “Anime & Trap Music” hosted by Quirktastic
  • “Emo Karaoke” hosted by Punk Black
  • And a cartoon and cereal PJ party called “Midnight Snack” hosted by Low Fat

QuirkCon will also be screening film shorts including GAMERS, a short focused on a Black woman gamer, created by Tiajha Nakahara and Searit Huluf of Pixar. Additional screenings will include Hermione Granger and The Quarter Life Crisis produced by Sunshine Moxie, and a fan-made live action mashup of Samurai Champloo x Afro Samurai by Team Red Productions.

For our gamers, QuirkCon will also feature an old-school arcade put together by We Play ELeague, an e-sports company for people of color based in Atlanta, Georgia. The arcade will also include a section for indie games, including fan-favorites, Hair Nah and NOUR.

And as if all this isn’t awesome enough, QuirkCon will be hosting the 1st annual Cosplayer Awards, which will take place Saturday June 1st, 2019 at 7:30PM during the conference. It will be hosted by popular Youtuber, actor, and LGBT+ personality Miles Jai. Unlike a traditional cosplay contest, the Cosplayer Awards will be done “Academy Awards” style, with voting to take place beginning March 2019.

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QuirkCon will also feature several makers, both local to North Carolina and nationwide, in our vendors market. Many of QuirkCon’s vendors are women, people of color and/or members of the LGBT+ community. Some vendors to look out for include The Quirk Shop, Bow Bow by Kyle, Gothic Lamb, Vicki Be Wicked, Adorned By Chi, and so much more! Check out the full up-to-date list of vendors here.

Wow! Talk about an amazing time! Are y’all excited yet? We know we are! Be sure to head over to our QuirkCon site right now and snag your ticket today before they all run out!

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