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Quirktastic Returns To Blerdcon With Our Very Own Blerd Brunch!

Quirktastic Returns To Blerdcon With Our Very Own Blerd Brunch!

Last year, Quirktastic hosted a brunch a Blerdcon that allowed nerds to come together in the wee hours of the day to eat and be merry. Now, we’re back at it again!

Blerdcon, which is an event that “encompasses creatives, fans, producers who are and have been contributing to every fandom, but don’t get the recognition or notoriety” will run this weekend, July 12-14 in Crystal City. Quirktastic will be there all weekend long, covering the premiere of Afro Samurai Champloo, taking selfies, taking over with the Joystick Challenge, partying it up like the Quirky Kids we are and of course, bringin it back with our Blerdcon Brunch!

On Sunday, July 14th from 10am-1pm, Brunch with Quirktastic will be held Bacon-Pancakes style at the Hyatt Regency’s Cinnabar. As this is the last morning of Blerdcon, it’s a great way to rest and relax a bit while eating breakfast with new friends and old. Who wouldn’t want to chill in your cosplay while eating an assortment of buffet-style breakfast foods and sipping mimosas? But sorry friends, the mimosas aren’t bottomless.

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There’s much to look forward to as brunch goes on. In it’s first conception, attendees had the chance to play games and talk nerdy. Most popular was a “Guess That Anime Song” challenge, where participants got into teams while an anime song played and they would write down what anime it was from. This, of course, was rewarded with prizes and also the excitement that comes with listening to anime music. You won’t know what will happen this time around unless you swing by and join the Quirk Fam and others for all things blerdy, anime, and geeky.

Come join us! There will be many festivities to enjoy as we wind down on the last day of Blerdcon.

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