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[QUIZ] Take This Quiz To Find Out Your Quirk!

[QUIZ] Take This Quiz To Find Out Your Quirk!

With the announcement of season 4 in the fall, it’s time to see where you stand among the ranks at UA. Find out which quirk suits your quirk-y personality!

Quirks should be used...

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Which word best fits you?

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Describe your perfect hero uniform

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What's your best subject?

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When choosing a heroic name...

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[QUIZ] Take this quiz to find out your quirk!
One for All

You're the hero that we need, so your Quirk needs to be strong enough to match! One for All is handed down to those who are worthy. Go Plus Ultra with Super Strength, Speed, Durability and Heart!
Zero Gravity

When your friends are in a bind, you're the one offering to stay by their side! Zero Gravity is a flexible power than can be used to defend and protect. Make the world smile and Go Plus Ultra!

Your quick thinking is your strength- and your weakness. Explosion might be flashy, but it gets the job done! Remember to stay heroic, even when others are getting on your bad side. Go Plus Ultra and be a hero in your own way!

You're super-speedy, which comes in handy for a busy person like you. Your quick thinking and logical abilities make you a born leader. Go Plus Ultra, class rep!
Half Hot Half Cold

You're a mass of contradictions in the best way, just like your Quirk! Self-reliant, you work well alone, but a team makes you even stronger. Stay balanced and Go Plus Ultra!

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