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[QUIZ] What’s Your Avengers Aesthetic?

[QUIZ] What’s Your Avengers Aesthetic?

That new Avengers trailer is straight fire, but what’s with that mo-Hawk? Before the premiere, check out this quiz to find your Avengers aesthetic! And check out the blog Disney Bound for more Marvel inspired looks after.


During an adventure, you are most likely to take the role of

Your preferred fighting style involves

You love it when a plan

When it comes to power

Your Pinterest board is full of


When it comes to luck

Your color palette tends to be

What’s Your Avengers Aesthetic?
Captain Marvel

You’re vintage chic with a penchant for comfy soft clothes. Mix fun retro pieces with classic cuts for definitive style.

Nebula’s style involves cool glamor and glitz. Stick to gemstone colors like deep sapphire and amethyst. Don’t shy away from metallic glitter and glitz- you can totally pull it off.

The key to Gamora’s look is black leather- and lots of it. The galaxy’s most dangerous weapon, daughter of Thanos, keeps to a simple color palette, showing off with some fun flashy ombré hair. Go wild!

Okoye is bold. Striking, fiery colors catch the eye, but clothing and accessory choices should be meaningful and allow for your naturally graceful movements.
Black Widow

Natasha is all about flaunting what she’s got. Go for the sexy silhouette, but keep it monochromatic. You’re the most interesting part, after all.

Fun, funky and fresh, your style is a breath of fresh air. You do your best looks when experimenting, so take risks - they will absolutely pay off.

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