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[QUIZ] Which Avengers Infinity Stone Fits You?

[QUIZ] Which Avengers Infinity Stone Fits You?

Stuck on a lengthy flight, how are you most likely to pass the time?

Captain America: The First Avenger

Your favorite of the original Avengers would probably be

When reaching for a refreshing beverage, you prefer

Your best subject in school was

Of the newer Avengers, you relate most to

Which Avengers Infinity Stone Fits You?
You wield the Mind Stone

Like the more cerebral Avengers Loki and Vision, you think before you act- though that doesn't mean that you never make mistakes. Remember to factor in your emotions!
You wield the Power Stone

Often underestimated, you have endless untapped potential. Many may find you hard to handle, but you are, at your core, a force for good.
You wield the Reality Stone

Your creativity allows you to solve the unsolvable. Artistic and sensitive, you inspire great change all around you.
You wield the Soul Stone

You value the bonds you have with others above all else- and you know the power of sacrifice. You are the type to treasure your loved ones.
You wield the Space Stone

Your boundless energy and optimism powers you through the toughest situations. Your inspiration fuels others, too.
You wield the Time Stone

You're a master of scheduling and order. Others marvel at your ability to get things done.

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