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[QUIZ] Which Goose The Cat-esque Super Pet Should You Adopt?

[QUIZ] Which Goose The Cat-esque Super Pet Should You Adopt?

Just like Nick Fury, we’re obsessed with adorable super pets. Take this quiz to see which one suits your personality- you might be surprised!


How active is your ideal pet?

What kind of snack are you most likely to share with your pet?

Batman: TAS

How well does your pet socialize?

Super Sons Annual #1 Tomasi/Pelletier

Describe your pet

Doomsday Clock #1 Johns/Frank

When it comes to training, your policy is

DC's Pooches of Power, Stephens/Baltazar

[QUIZ] Which Goose the Cat - esque Super Pet Should You Adopt? [COMPLETE]

Bat-Cow won over Damian Wayne, converting the hardened child-assassin to a life of vegetarianism. One look into Bat-Cow's soft brown eyes and we know you'll feel the same!

This cat is filled with rage and pain but is loyal to his master, bringing comfort and support to Red Lantern Atrocitus. You have the patience to win over the fiercest kitty, even when the rest of the world has called it quits.

Part of the Deadpool Corps, Dogpool is as goofy, fun-loving and deadly as his human counterparts. You don't mind if your pup is a little more ugly-cute than your average show-dog, so long as you still get into hilarious hi-jinx together.
Lucky the Pizza Dog!

Hawkeye's faithful companion solves cases and eats pizza- not necessarily in that order. For a laid back pet with a super sharp brain, check out Hawkeye issue #11, told entirely from the pup's POV.
Lying Cat!

Lying Cat is highly intelligent and just a liiiiittle judgmental. For a kitty that will help keep you in line and look good doing it, check out Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples' collaboration "Saga."

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