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[QUIZ] Which Incredibles Character Are You?

[QUIZ] Which Incredibles Character Are You?


Pick your favorite:

Brit & Co.

A villain is attacking! What's your go-to move?

Saban Entertainment

Your friend is trying to talk you into skydiving. What do you do?

What's your idea of a perfect evening?


On a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the highest level, how competitive are you?


Moment of Truth: What's your favorite line from the first Incredibles movie?

Disney Pixar via Reddit

Which 'Incredibles' Character Are You?
You're Mr. Incredible!

You go all in for what's right, even when it comes at a personal cost to you. Your sense of justice is...INCREDIBLE. But even when you're being stubborn, your friends and family are glad to have you on their team!
You're Mrs. Incredible/Elastigirl!

You're a very logical thinker, but not one without a heart. You're all about making sure that your family and friends are alright. Most times, you put their needs before your own because that's just how you are. You might feel unappreciated at times, but at the end of the day, you know that your loved ones value everything that you do for them.
You're Violet!

You tend to be a dramatic person, especially under pressure. You go through bouts of confidence, but you also have moments of uncertainty about yourself and that can make you a bit hard to deal with at times. But that's okay, because you always get it together and come through for your loved ones when they need you!
You're Dash!

A confident person with a bit of a mischievous streak, you tend to be the biggest personality in the room. People just like being around you, you fun factory! You're very stubborn and the phrase "can't do" isn't in your vocabulary--which is also why your competitive nature often gets the best of you.
You're Jack-Jack!

Curious and fun-loving, you love to have adventures, little or big! You're just not the type of person that anyone can quite predict and that makes you interesting to others. And really, how COULD anyone predict you? You're a human of many talents--or should we say, a JACK of all trades?
You're Edna Mode!

You have no time for nonsense or the bland and boring, dahling. No time for it! A bold, forward-thinking person, you're already ten steps ahead of the now, which is why your style simply CANNOT be clocked. No matter where you are, people take notice. They know fabulous when they see it.
You're Frozone!

Cooler than the other side of the pillow, you've got a level head and sweet style to go with it. You're usually the one who keeps it realistic when your friends are getting carried away with things. Though you're usually the voice of reason, you tend to get sucked into your friends' zany plans.

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