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Rainbow Brite Issue #2: Let’s Accessorize!

Rainbow Brite Issue #2: Let’s Accessorize!

Rainbow Brite #2 snap from CBR

Rainbow Brite’s story continues in this second issue with a high stakes mission! Failure is not an option if Wisp and Twinkle want to save Rainbow Land.

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from CBR Rainbow Brite #2 snap

Wisp and Twinkle, affectionately referred to as Twink, find themselves in peril! Twink has transported them to Rainbow Land which has been left gray thanks to The Shadow King. They are being hunted by a normally “cuddly” canine creature that has been left feral due to the color drain. Making matters worse, this canine can smell color and, as it were, the only colorful things in Rainbow Land are Wisp and Twink. With some quick thinking, Wisp and Twink manage to evade their canine hunter.

“I always wished a dog would follow me home but this isn’t what I had in mind!” – Wisp

After hiding their colors in some gray shrubbery we are all introduced to a green, evil scientist known as Murky Dismal. Mad scientist Murky creates objects that use color as fuel for his destructive experiments and gadgets. And, weirdly enough, he still has color. Being an ally of the Shadow King has perks.

To the mission!

rainbow brite #2 snap from CBR

Once safe, Twink finally gets to the crux of their mission, to retrieve the star scepter and rainbow belt. Both are presumably locked in Murky Dismal’s lab. Wisp understandably has reservations. She does not think she is or could be the hero Rainbow Land needs. This is note worthy because she is, in fact, a child. Being able to admit that to not only a sprite but also herself is a sign of maturity most adults do not posses. Twink does not argue, he simply says that his world needs a hero and she could be that hero.

Without any certainty, Wisp finds herself sneaking into the lab of Murky Dismal. She quickly sees the star scepter but is intercepted by Murky’s hench-monster. How will this all turn out for our heroine? Pick up the comic and find out!

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Is this issue running on a full rainbow or falling into gray territory?

Rainbow Brite #2 snap from CBRThe first issue definitely scores a double rainbow, but I feel like the follow up dragged a tad. My only real complaint is that I wish they had gotten to the star scepter quicker instead of waiting until the final few pages. Furthermore, and perhaps more important, I wish they had given the issue just a few more pages as it seemed to end rather abruptly. Cliffhangers are one thing but this ending felt way too sudden.

That being said, it was still enjoyable. The back and forth between Twink and Wisp was great. The exposition download by Twink was completely necessary and did not feel like an after thought. You may never see me type that sentence again. As any comic reader or TV watcher knows, exposition-fu is a double edged sword. As a fan of Jeremy Whitley (PRINCELESS, UNSTOPPABLE WASP), I can say that he navigates this with such ease that it’s scary.

My favorite thing about this Rainbow Brite series is that the artwork matches the tone perfectly. Well done, Brittney Williams (HELLCAT!)! It is the perfect styling for an all-ages, inspirational story and it’s beautiful. Because of this you get a complete experience with this world and it’s characters.

Get it or leave it?

cover for Rainbow Brite #2Get it! I stand by my previous review completely. Above all else, you will smile and this is a title you can share with young comic readers.

Rainbow Brite #2 hits shops near you this Wednesday!

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