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Rainbow Brite Returns With A Brand New Comic Series!

Rainbow Brite Returns With A Brand New Comic Series!

Rainbow Brite is back! How does that nostalgia feel, fellow old timers?

From the brilliant mind of Jeremy Whitley (PRINCELESS, THE UNSTOPPABLE WASP) comes a new story featuring one of the 80’s most powerful style icons, Rainbow Brite. Teamed together with the artistic stylings of Britney Williams (HELLCAT!),  this comic is sure to be an all-ages hit. So, if you are a comic lover, this is for you!

The story this time around.

The story opens with a powerful scene of our heroines, Willow and Wisp, preparing to save a town under siege. Willow, a young curly-haired, wizard and her super warrior bestie Wisp proclaim proudly that they will save the town. This is all in Willow’s imagination however and she is snapped back to reality when the real Wisp makes a racket outside of her window. It’s time to go out and LARP.

Eagerly, she gathers her wizarding gear and runs down the stairs, stopped only by her mother warning her of the dangers of doing so. This is such a classic, heartwarming moment for those of us her were “outside” or “creek” kids. Her mother then tells her to ask her father’s permission before heading out to defend the kingdom, Willow does, and she is out the door.

Wisp compliments her on a cape well made and expresses her desire to make armor and a sword. Her grandfather once worked in a furniture store with machines, how hard could it be? Oh, to be young again!

The two heroes embark on their perilous journey and find themselves in the midst of some nasty make-believe Orcs! Danger rises as Willow figures out that her magic does not work on these creatures, but never fear, her bestie with a sword is there. After ridding Willow of her assailant, Wisp finds herself hungry and new adventure, in character of course, begins.

They sneak into the giants fortress (Willow’s house) immediately stopped by one of the inhabitants (Willow’s mom) because the floor is cursed and walking on it in dirty shoes is a no-no. We all know that tracking mud in the house may actually earn a curse from a parent. After they remove their shoes, they receive sustenance and commence with the adventure!

At the end of the day, all make-believe adventures must come to an end. Wisp is driven home and after tucking her mother in on the couch she enjoys her dinner from the microwave. Before heading up to bed herself, Wisp hears something strange outside. For a child to jump into action so quickly is admirable if not terrifying. Wisp grabs her wooden sword and rushes out the door to face whoever is messing with her mom’s car!

What Wisp encounters is the catalyst for what is sure to be an amazing series!

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This first issue is setting up to bring us into a brilliant adventure. The colorful (or lack thereof) world we are being sent into is bound to be filled with fun characters from the past and some new faces for new readers.

Why Pick it Up?

Pick up this series for a child. Pick this up for an adult! In a world where violence seems to be draining the color out of everything, pick up something that will make you smile. Jeremy Whitley has won many awards for his ability to weave together stories. His most notable achievement, in this author’s opinion, is the way he makes sure there are stories for his little girl to be inspired by. He writes stories for the children that don’t “fit.” He writes for the imaginative, the fantasy-lovers, the knights of all sizes and shapes!

But maybe just pick it up to see how this Hallmark hail-mary turned lucrative licensing project revamps for modern day readers. The 80’s were not a time of PC thought so, there were more than a few questionable phrases from the original series.

In conclusion, check it out. You lose nothing and gain a smile.

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