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If The Rap Game Were Naruto…A Thread

If The Rap Game Were Naruto…A Thread

Name an anime lover who doesn’t like Naruto? Don’t worry, we’ll wait…

Earlier this year, Khairy the comedian (who has since been banned from Twitter for unrelated reasons) put together a thread of which artists in the rap game correlate the most with characters from Naruto. Luckily, we have screenshots.

Kendrick Would Be Naruto

Drake Would Be Sasuke

Shikamaru Would Be J Cole

Meek Mill Would Be Kiba

Itachi Would Be Lil’ Wayne

Kakashi Would Be Kanye West

Shino Would Be Tyler the Creator

Chance The Rapper Would Be Rock Lee

Wale Would Be Gaara

ASAP Rocky Would Be Choji

Biggie Would Be Madara

See Also

Tupac Would Be Hashirama

Birdman Would Be Orochimaru

Eminem Would Be Minato

Dr. Dre Would Be Pervy Sage

The Kote

Let us know, do you agree?

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