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Real #BlackGirlMagic: Simple Magic for New Witches

Real #BlackGirlMagic: Simple Magic for New Witches

Though witchcraft and magic are as old as time, over the past year or so the number of individuals identifying as “witches” or “brujas” (Spanish for witches) has increased exponentially.

This Magical Renaissance is happening, in part, because many women of color are looking to reconnect to their spiritual roots. African American, Afro-Latina, and Latina women all over the world are committing to relearning the magic that our ancestors possessed. While delving into a new spiritual practice requires much time and dedication, the journey starts with small steps. Here are 3 brujeria basics to kick off your journey into literal #BlackGirlMagic.

Candle Magic

One of the most simple ways to start incorporating magic into your life is practicing candle magic. One of the biggest benefits for new witches is that it is easy to keep private. If you are not yet comfortable with practicing magic or not able to practice different spiritualities freely, then you can simply light your candle and silently recite your affirmation.

Small colored candles can be purchased from local botanicas or on Etsy. Be sure pick a color that corresponds to your intent. I personally use large 7 day candles with the intent pre-printed like these from @chiquitabrujita.


Crystal Healing

Crystal magic has become widely popular due to ease of access to gems. Even if you don’t have a local metaphysical shop, a quick Instagram search for #crystals or #crystalhealing will lead you to hundreds of vendors. Each crystal has its own healing or magical properties. Use them to add some power, love, peace, or positivity into your life.



Love Spell

If you’re interested in casting spells, you can start with a beginner-friendly sweetening spell. Traditionally this method has been used to gain the interest of a lover or favor in a deal; however you can also use it to counteract jealousy or to sweeten your own feelings toward someone else.

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First you will need a small white, pink, or red candle and a container with a lid. Write the full name of the person whose feelings you want to sweeten or a description of the deal on a small piece of paper. Place the paper in the bottom of the container then fill with sugar or honey (or syrup in a pinch). Seal the container and light the candle over it while speaking your intentions. End by blowing out the candle and letting the jar sit for at least three days.


This list serves only as a gateway for beginners. The beauty of spirituality and magic is that there is so much to learn but also freedom to make it your own. I hope this encourages you new witches and brujas to start your own journey and make your own #blackgirlmagic.


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