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Recasting Call: Michael B. Jordan as Naruto

Recasting Call: Michael B. Jordan as Naruto

In this inaugural post of Recasting Call, I was going to write about how Michael B. Jordan should be the next Superman. Then I realized that there’s another hero he could play, who may have just as big a fan base as the Man of Steel. Who, you ask? 

That’s right, Naruto. Here’s my pitch: Michael B. Jordan in a live action adaptation of “Naruto” starring as the title character. You’re welcome, Netflix. In all seriousness, why not? There have been so many terrible live action adaptations of anime that you can’t do much worse than what’s already out there. I’m looking at you, Death Note and Ghost In the Shell

At this point, you can’t do any better than getting Michael B. Jordan to produce and star in an anime that he actually loves. How many celebrities get a chance to collaborate with a fashion brand like Coach and then chooses to incorporate an anime into their first endeavor together? 

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Besides the obvious passion for the source material, there’s also Jordan’s commitment to diversity in front of the camera and behind it. With the past issues of whitewashed anime adaptations in Hollywood, a Naruto adaptation starring POC is a welcome change. 

Most importantly, Michael B. Jordan playing a beloved anime character would just be cool. He’s got the star quality to become Naruto on the silver screen much like how Robert Downey Jr. is now synonymous with Ironman. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Jordan will be adapting animes anytime soon. In an interview with Highsnobiety, he’s said anime is difficult to mimic in live action.

“It’s hard to translate that to live action and get that same kind of feeling.”

Hard to argue that. It’s the same with video game movie adaptations; some mediums are just meant to stay in its lane. But Jordan hasn’t fully closed the door on adapting animes yet. In the same interview, he said that technology is always evolving. 

“You might have the right piece of technology to make everything seamless. I’m just going to keep it in my back pocket and wait for the right thing.”

So here’s to waiting for technology to catch up, so we can finally see Michael B. Jordan wield his Sharingan. 

Let us know which heroes, you’d like to see recast below! 

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