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Recasting Call: Yara Shahidi As Ironheart

Recasting Call: Yara Shahidi As Ironheart

Ironman is dead. Long live Ironheart. In this month’s Recasting Call, we recast Yara Shahidi as Riri Williams aka Ironheart. 

Yara Shahidi has grown up on TV, starting off on ABC’s black-ish to leading her own spin-off in grown-ish. It’s only a matter of time before Shahidi becomes a leading lady in her own right. Why not go big from jump and pass on the Stark mantle to Shahidi, who can play Riri Williams/Ironheart? Shahidi isn’t a household name, but no one knew who Tom Holland was when he was cast as Spiderman. 

Compared to Holland, Shahidi has seen relative success. She’s been on two hit TV shows and has most recently starred in a YA novel adaptation film. She follows the trend of MCU women, who have won more acting awards than their male counterparts (Gwyneth Paltrow, Lupita Nyong’o, and Brie Larson have all won Oscars). She also has a loyal following. 

One can argue that Ironman should stay dead. Ironheart can come off as a cheap way to resurrect the armor that only Tony Stark could fill. Listen, there have been 5 Batmans, 3 Spidermans, and about 3-5 Supermans in my lifetime. I think we can deal with another Ironperson, especially if it’s played by a young up-and-comer who can inject new life into that suit. 

What about Morgan Stark? As far as I know, Morgan is still 5 years old and is in no rush to carry on the Stark/Iron(wo)man name. I’m not against having multiple Ironpeople, but having Riri Williams don the iron suit can help the audience separate the armor from a specific person, while establishing a new character in the MCU. 

Shahidi as Ironheart can have massive story potential. Ironheart has already crossed paths with the Wakandans in the comics, why not have that happen onscreen? Shahidi is also Iranian-American as well as African-American. The complexity of having a biracial identity in America is one that is ripe for narrative exploration. It can be just as powerful a theme as how being black in America as opposed to Africa was in Black Panther

RDJ has given his blessing as to wanting Ironheart in the MCU. Let’s make it happen. 

Who would you like to see recast next? Let us know below! 

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