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Review: Netflix’s Brazilian Dystopian Thriller “3%” is 97% Worth Watching

Review: Netflix’s Brazilian Dystopian Thriller “3%” is 97% Worth Watching

Fernando is proving that he is more than capable of passing the Process in his wheelchair, despite what people say.

The first original foreign produced series on Netflix, 3% is a Brazilian dystopian thriller you have to watch.

If you liked the Hunger Games movies and Black Mirror but you wanted more black and brown leads, this show is for you. Set in a dystopian future where the majority of the population is living in neglectful conditions in the slums of the Inland, only 3% of the population gets selected to go live in the abundant and prosperous Offshore.

Every year, each 20 year old in the Inland is given the chance to pass through the Process. This process involves rigorous mental and physical tests and exercises, each of which is harder than the last. Candidates get eliminated, some actually die but most are sent back to the Inland, until the last 3% of them remain, deemed worthy to pass on to the other side. The Process Leader, Ezequiel (played by Brazilian actor João Miguel) reminds all contestants that, “you create your own merit.”

Michele is waiting to be reunited with her brother on the other side.

It becomes evident, however, that this Process and the entire system is not a fair or just one. Recently releasing Season 2 on Netflix, this show is thrilling, political, and has strong characters. Following Michele, Fernando, Rafael, and Joana as they go through the 104th Process, we soon find out that not everyone is motivated to get to the other side for the same reasons.

What I Loved

This show focuses on the individual characters and some of their intimate connections as well as the larger picture of their circumstances. Because there is so much focus on individual motivations, it does a good job of portraying how such large scale inequality and injustice can be maintained through individual beliefs of merit and justice.

The plot does not always move along steadily as some episodes take you through much more than others. This can take you out of the series a little bit.

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But the show’s No 2 ranking on Netflix’s “Shows We Devoured in 2017” list makes it definitely worth watching!

Joana is escaping a past mistake she cannot undo.



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