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‘Siren’ Season 2 Finale: When Mermaids And Immigration Politics Merge

‘Siren’ Season 2 Finale: When Mermaids And Immigration Politics Merge

FreeForm’s Siren came to it’s second season conclusion last night, teasing a new, slightly underwhelming plot for the third season. 


If you’re not up to date on the mermaid drama, let’s just say it makes for…an interesting viewing experience: mermaids (and yes, black mermaids for you haters in the back), human descendants of mermaids, military experimentation of mermaids, mermaid fights, threesomes with mermaids, and what the hell am I watching??? 

There’s a lot to make sense of in this YA, fishy soap opera, but for the last two seasons we’ve gotten to know the mermaid, Ryn (Eline Powell) and the two marine biologists, Ben (Alex Roe) and Maddie (Fola Evans-Akingbola), who upon her discovery, make it their mission to protect her. 

While the first season focuses on distinguishing the monster from the human…I mean mer-person…I mean…(you get it), the second season travels down storylines of mermaid infertility (due to water pollution) and a potential cure to the deadly siren song affecting Ben and Maddie’s mental state (after much exposure to Ryn’s singing)– all seemingly leading to a climax of Ryn’s eventual exposure to the rest of the world outside of their marine haven, Bristol Cove. 


Fast forward to the finale and Siren pulls a Twilight move, displaying life after they’ve been exposed to the public: military checkpoints taking potential mermaids into custody for more experiments, supporting characters like Xander (Ian Verdun) seduced by rewards of $100 million dollars to catch mermaids, and good old Canada offering asylum to the now abused species–only to reveal this new reality as a grim inevitability should Ben choose to save the life of greedy reporter, Ian Sutton (Luc Roderique). 

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In a dramatic moment after Ian’s just crashed his car into the sea in attempts to flee with Ryn as proof of mermaids (thus alerting the rest of the public), Ben ultimately has this current American immigration crisis flash-forward, which ends in Maddie’s death, ultimately leading to his decision not to save Ian’s life and let him drown. It’s an understandable creative choice, except Ben literally came up with the worst possible, most detailed consequence of saving Ian, even though he had no actual proof this would be the case…And he made this decision over the course of literally seconds. 

Aside from my complete exasperation having been Twilight-ed…again, the show still offers an intriguing look into what it means to be human and how even in our darkest moments, be it past or present, we’re never too far gone from saving with the help of someone’s love.

What did you think of the season finale? You can catch up on Siren on!

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