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Best RPG Horror Games Perfect For Halloween

Best RPG Horror Games Perfect For Halloween

Horror Games Halloween Mad Father

It’s October and that means a month full of costumes, scary movies, and most of all – horror games. Nothing gets me more ready for the Halloween season than playing RPG games.

If you think a pair of pixels won’t play on your anxieties, cause uneasiness and frustration, or make you cry, you’d be wrong. These games each have their own special charm and are sure to be a great time. Here’s a list of some of the best RPG horror games!

*Be sure to heed the content warnings on each of the game pages because the subject matter can be heavy.



Imagine being a young girl on a harmless trip to a museum with your loving parents.

In a moment of exploration, you notice that the area is empty and your parents are now nowhere to be seen. You can’t leave or find anyone. There’s nowhere to go but further into the darkest corners of your now prison.

This is how Japanese artist Kouri’s game starts.

Ib is a psychological horror game that has a wild array of puzzles, thoughtful jumpscares, and a cast of unique characters.

It was released in 2012 but has stood the test of time. This game has moments where it hints of what’s to come and slams that right back in your face just when you forgot.

It’s a game focused on the exploration and actually has no battles making it more accessible for players. Ib has multiple endings so be sure to watch what decisions you make.

You can download the game here.


Mad Father

This follows the story of a young girl named Aya who is grieving on the anniversary of her mother’s death. Her father, a scientist, is otherwise occupied so Aya spends the night alone and eventually falls asleep. She’s jolted out of it when she hears her father scream.

What was once her pristine mansion of a home is now dark and littered with corpses. 

Japanese developer sen created a game where you’ll have to dodge the mysterious monsters after you, and find items that will reveal the secrets hidden in the house all while heeding the words of a dark stranger.

This game also has an emphasis on exploring every possible crevice while on your adventure. There will be many items that you’ll collect throughout the night that will hopefully help Aya survive and find her father.

Mad Father also has multiple endings.

You can download the game here. There’s also a revamped version on Steam and Playism for only $4.99


The Witch’s House

The Witch’s House centers around Viola, a young girl that wakes up in the middle of a forest and is unable to leave.

Upon some exploration, she soon discovers that her only option is to go into a strange house in hopes of escape. With the help of a mysterious black cat, Viola must dodge traps, monsters, and the witch that resides in the house. 

This game, made by Fummy, is puzzle-heavy. You’ll have to think twice before entering a room or touching anything.

There are also multiple diary entries within the house detailing the life of the witch–all information that can help you solve the mystery surrounding the house and Viola’s situation.

There are two endings to this game and depending on which you get, it’ll change the entire mood of the story.

You can get the game here. A remastered version is available on Steam for $15.


Yume Nikki

Created by an anonymous developer that goes by the name of Kikiyama, Yume Nikki delves into the dreams of the ever reclusive Madotsuki. In her dreams, she comes across great expanses of rooms or interesting creatures.

This game stands out: there are no apparent goals or any dialogue.  There isn’t anything you could consider a real plot either.

Players never encounter a “game over” screen; Madotsuki just returns to her room.

Through playing, you eventually find out that there are a number of objects called “effects” that can change  Madotsuki’s appearance or environment. Some things are useful and others aren’t. 

You can get the game here.


Dreaming Mary

Sometimes there’s a game that looks so cute that it can’t possibly have anything threatening in it. Dreaming Mary is one of those games. It outright addresses some pretty serious topics and events.

It’s a side-scrolling adventure inspired by games like Ib and Yume Nikki. Inspiration also came from the magical girl series like Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. 

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It’s about a girl named Mary who dreams often. When she falls asleep, it’s like she’s in a different world completely. The deeper she gets within her dreams, the more you find out about her life and what exactly makes dreaming so important to her.

Dreaming Mary relies heavily on sound and dialogue. It’s one of the things they let you know first when playing so definitely keep that in mind.

You can play the game here.



Misao is another horror adventure game. It was also created by sen and first released in 2011.

It’s set in a school where a student, Misao, had disappeared around three months ago. No one knows exactly what happened to her but the general consensus is that she died.

When strange events start occurring around the school, Misao’s ex-classmates wonder if it’s her trying her hand at revenge. The goal of Misao is to collect key items to offer at an altar. The items can be collected in any order.

This, like many of the other games, has a level of violence and deals with very heavy topics. The game page warns players about the contents of the game.

You can get the game here. You can get the upgraded version of the game here for $5.


Mermaid Swamp 

This was made by Uri and tells the story of what happens to Rin Yamazaki and her friends.

Their car breaks down during their trip to the mountains. Luckily, the come across an old man that allows them to stay at his house for the time being. Unfortunately, there’s something off about the swamp outside the residence.

There are four different endings for Mermaid Swamp and they’re all worth a look. 

You can get the game here.

That’s all!

There are so many RPG horror games out there that it would be hard to list them all here.

Some of the creators in this selection have made multiple games. Each has interesting stories, characters, and creepiness all around. 

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