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The 90s Are Back: Rugrats Is Being Rebooted As Both An Animated Show And Live Action Film

The 90s Are Back: Rugrats Is Being Rebooted As Both An Animated Show And Live Action Film

The Rugrats are back! Viacom has announced that the hit animated show “Rugrats” is coming back to Nickelodeon.  

There will be 26 episodes in total and a live-action CGI movie.  Rugrats first premiered in 1991.  The show featured the babies: Tommy Pickles, his cousin Angelica Pickles, Chuckie Finster, twins Phil and Lil DeVille. The babies constantly went on adventures to better understand their world outside the playpen.  

A woke show before any of us knew what “woke” was

Rugrats is one of the most celebrated children’s cartoons of all time. The show has received praise over the years for its smart writing and representation.  Tommy’s maternal grandparents celebrated Jewish holidays.  Chas and Chuckie’s relationship highlighted single father households.  Also, traditional gender roles were also reversed at times.  Angelica’s mom was a corporate business person.  In contrast, her dad Drew was the caretaker.  Another example of its diversity was its varied personas.  Minority characters were on the animated screen with Susie Carmichael (African-American) and Kimi Wantanabe-Finster (Japanese).  

Rugrats even handled difficult topics such as death.  Most noteworthy was the episode Mother’s day.  The episode dealt with the character Chuckie becoming aware of the absence of his mother.  The episode pulled at the heartstrings of those who watched. It is one of the most acclaimed episodes of the series. This helped establish its dominance as one of the most thoughtful shows on TV.  

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Why the Resurgence?

Nickelodeon has acknowledged the growing popularity of its competitors. As a result, Its goal is to beat the growing popularity of Disney and Netflix. The age of reboots has brought back many classics, some good and some bad. Only time will tell if the “Rugrats” bring the same magic as they did in 1991.

“Rugrats” (the show) does not yet have a release date. The Rugrats movie release date is November 13, 2020.

Will you be watching the return of the Rugrats clan? Let us know in the comments.

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