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#SaggyBoobsMatter Thanks to This Self-Loving Black Woman Who Created The Social Media Movement

#SaggyBoobsMatter Thanks to This Self-Loving Black Woman Who Created The Social Media Movement

Chidera Eggerue started the #SaggyBoobsMatter movement and is radically promoting self-love!

I came across her interview in my YouTube recommendations and was stopped in my tracks by her looks, luscious for, and her message:

We should all be proud of our saggy boobs.

Not every woman has naturally perky boobs, and that’s okay!

The other myth out there is that breasts start heading south when you get older, but that isn’t the case either. Any woman of any age can have less-than-perky bosoms. But society tells us different, and South London-native, Chidera Eggerue, is highly aware of it.

When she started to notice all the bra advertisements were adorned with lifted breasts, she started feeling bad about her own. She knew she wasn’t the only person who became self-conscious about her breasts because of the lack of representation of other types of breasts, so she created a movement to change that.

It’s one of those ridiculous societal things, like when women breastfeed in public and some men are grossed-out by what boobs are naturally meant to do? But are A-OK with them when they’re sexualized.

Well this goes into the stupidity of society that keeps up this crazy idea that women are to look a certain way or else it’s “wrong.” You know… tiny waist, thigh gap, perky boobs, silky skin.

Everyone doesn’t have this, and that’s what? A-OK!

Chidera Eggerue is making moves on more than just taking pride in natural boobs. She runs a blog called The Slumflower, has a book on being enough coming out August 7th and that is ready for pre-order now (on my birthday! Happy Birthday to me!), and also has an empowering self-love radio show.

Another thing to love?

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She makes sure it is known that she’s here to empower Black people, especially Black women and girls of all ages.

Take her video where she confronts the issues with the natural hair community, acceptable curls, and colorism for example.

It’s where the name of her blog, The Slumflower, came from–coming from a now-gentrified majority Black neighborhood that mainly appears to to promote anything but a flourishing people. But flourish she did.

She. Is. Killing it!

I plan to spend some time browsing her site once I’m done writing this article. So serious.

Since I discovered her interview I’ve been swoonin’ by her gumption and blatant body positivity.

Make your day a little better and check out the source of her Black Girl Magic ASAP! I know I will. 😉

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