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Sci Behind The Fi: Insane Truths Behind Godzilla: King Of Monsters!

Sci Behind The Fi: Insane Truths Behind Godzilla: King Of Monsters!

How many nuclear bombs does it take to kill a king?

Apparently, for Godzilla – none, but he was hit with several hundred. Godzilla:King of Monsters! dropped this weekend as part of Legendary Pictures Monsterverse, and it was one hell of a ride! The movie was packed with gigantic monsters battling through the earth’s surface to come against the one and only Godzilla. As Godzilla unleashed his wrath and fury towards King Ghidora and Rodan one can only wonder how Godzilla gets that powerful electric roar, or the inspiration behind these horrific monsters. Check out below for some the insane truths behind Sci-Fi’s greatest kaiju!

            Godzilla is a creature that has stood the test of time literally rumored to be on earth only years after the planet was created. Godzilla was created by 3 Japanese artist in the wake of the US dropping the bomb on Hiroshima. In a fictionalized version Godzilla awakens after nuclear bomb are dropped in, and he is mutated to the great size that we see on screens today. Essentially, Godzilla is earth’s first mightiest avenger made to keep the planet protected from alien like threats.

            The first Godzilla movie was a testament to the destruction behind nuclear bombs as every country was essentially building their own nuclear arsenal, and radiation was the danger it still is today. For an example the original Godzilla design has his skin mirroring that of keloid scars and burns that a radiation survivor would have on their skin. This is what gives Godzilla his bumpy and scarred texture. His roar, one of the most unique roars in cinematic history, is created by a unique process all together.

            Universal studios sound engineers used dry ice on a metal vent, crunching rocks, along with the noise of a wooden crate being dragged across a polished floor (I feel really bad for that floor. They then partnered with the Rolling Stones band, and asked if they could use their tour speakers to play the finished roar as loud as possible! This roar was so powerful that it gave anyone with a three-mile radius a heart attack, and they even received a nasty phone call from a universal executive.

            There are tons of themes, and facts that surround the makeup of Godzilla and his Kaiju counterparts. Mothra, the benevolent moth goddess, was created to be the queen to Godzilla’s king. In accordance with her real-life counterpart Mothra always begins as a giant worm that weaves her way into a giant cocoon.

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    When she springs forth her great power consists of firing energy beams, silk blasts that trap whoever underneath, and the pollen from her wings are a power all on their own. King Ghidora and Rodan also get their big screen debuts in Godzilla: King of Monsters! They were inspired around Greek myths, and the threat of doom that looming wars would consistently bring about destruction.

      All in all Godzilla is a fascinating creature that still has as much mystery and mechanics as the day it first hit the big screen! What’s cooler is the fact that there is so much science and tech that goes behind the fantastic monster, it all rounds out to the theme of sci-fi today. Fiction will forever wrestle with old vs. new, magic vs. science, and nature vs. technology.

While Godzilla will always reign on the side of earth it’s still amazing to see him combined of these tools to forever reign as King of Monsters! Do yourself a favor, and get to a theater to see some mega monsters go head to head with the supreme king himself!

Long live the King!

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