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Shonen Jump Is Giving Us Over 10,000 Copies Of Free Manga

Shonen Jump Is Giving Us Over 10,000 Copies Of Free Manga

Hisashi SASAKI just released huge news for Shonen Jump America effective December 17, 2018.

Shonen Jump America has been flourishing since 2002, and has been giving us some of our favorite manga’s and their anime counterparts. Earlier this year, the company released free manga on their website and app and the turnout was overwhelmingly positive. Viz obtained an amazing amount of new members subscribing to their site.

Effective December 17th, any member, new or old, will have access to official Weekly Shonen Jump the same day of Japanese releases. This includes a plethora of other perks including over 10,000 chapters of previously released quality Shonen Jump content as well as new releases! The membership is as low as $1.99 a month, or $25.99 for the year.

If you are a current SJ member, the perks are all transferred over, including 3 months free after the turnover! You can become a member here.

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For more information on the new Shonen Jump news, check out the link below!

Let us know about your favorite Weekly Shonen Jump chapters. Happy reading!

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