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Shower Tunes = Happier Times: Why you Should Sing in the Shower Everyday///

Shower Tunes = Happier Times: Why you Should Sing in the Shower Everyday///

     A shower after a long hard day always sounds heavenly but did you know your taking that shower time for granted.

How many times in your mind are you either clapping back at somebody, going over the list of things you need to do, or like me crying(…we’ve all done it). Here’s the thing, why waste that precious time in the shower when instead you should be belting out your favorite TV show theme song, or in my case My Heart Will Go On!

Singing in the shower doesn’t just give your voice a melodic harmony instead of sounding like a dying cat. It has been proven to literally give you joy as well as release some of those creative juices that have been holding you up from banging out that next chapter in your fanfiction or novel! Check out some quick ways below singing in the shower can help cure some of your blues.

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    Now, stay with me because were going to get a bit sciencey here. The four walls in your shower gives you a safe space, privacy, and a feeling that immediately relaxes you as soon as the water hits your skin. As soon as you began to relax your brain releases dopamine which brings those feelings of joy, AND it literally jogs the memory portion of the brain that can help you fit the pieces together in that complicated world building of yours. I’m sure you’ve heard milk does a body good..well so does steam. That steam opens up your blood flow, cleans out your pores (goodbye black heads!), and also releases toxins in the brain alleviating your stress.

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     When you open your mouth (and spurt out that water) and began to sing out that tune your lungs are thanking you. As your lungs have to breathe deeper to belt out that high note in a Prince song, your body is getting amazing circulation, clearing that mind of yours, and sending you into a state of meditation. So just by beginning the opening notes to Bohemian Rhaspsody your mind is relaxed, your heart is getting healthy, and you’ve got a voice to rival Adele at the Grammys! And, lets talk about that voice.

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     Due to showers (normally) being smaller spaces, and tile not absorbing sound, the notes in your voice reverb off of different sources which allows it to sound musically appealing. The acoustics are also insane in the shower as it amplifies certain portions of your voice, and again has you sounding like you’re apart of an angelic choir! So, suffice to say singing in the shower has so many fantastic benefits its scary. You work muscles that have longed since began to atrophy. You literally melt your stress away, and because steam releases, bound up toxins your creative juices are going full speed ahead.

     So next time you hop in the shower have a playlist ready and get your happy on! And, just for kicks, here are some of the best songs rated to sing in the shower to get you going:

  • Hello by Adele
  • Disney’s Let it Go, Circle of Life (really…any Disney song)
  • Best Thing I Never Had by Beyonce
  • Chandeiler Sia
  • I Will Always Love You  (Yass Whitney!)
  • Somebody to Love by Queen


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