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Single On Valentine’s Day? Take This Quiz To Find Out What You Should Do!

Single On Valentine’s Day? Take This Quiz To Find Out What You Should Do!

Don’t let the singleton blues get you down- celebrate Valentine’s Day in your own special way after taking this quiz!

What word comes to mind when you think of "Valentine's Day?"

When it comes to flowers, you are of the opinion that

Which romantic dinner is best for a date?

On a typical Thursday night, you are most likely to be found

Which best describes your friendship style?

Single on Valentine's Day? Take This Quiz to Find Out What You Should Do! [COMPLETE]
Take some time for the younglings

Spend the evening with your nieces and nephews- and honorary counts! While you're racking up some serious karma by letting the 'rents have a night on the town, you'll be watching "The Lion King" and eating cookie dough straight from the spoon. Valentine's Day is a celebration of love, so don't forget the little ones in your life.
Have an at-home Spa Day

Take a day for yourself. Put on a face mask, draw a hot bath with a special occasion bath bomb, and update your Amazon wish list for the next splurge. Avoiding the press and mess of the Valentine's Day crowd will keep you stress free and satisfied. Getting a good night's sleep while drifting off to some Lo Fi Hip Hop Beats will be great kick-off for your weekend up ahead.
Thank someone for being a friend

Grab another friend of the single persuasion and have a night on the town! Those Prix Fix menus for two aren't going to taste themselves. Have all the fun of a Valentine's Day date without any of the pressure. Make a night of it and hit up something new, like an Escape Room or Laser Tag. You'll be surprised how many awesome deals are waiting.
Hit up the gym

Did you know that exercise releases endorphins that help improve your mood? Instead of brooding over a lack of plans, make plans to pump some iron or do some cardio. Besides, you're sure to snag that coveted elliptical or squat rack without a wait when everyone else is rushing home to their sweetie. Round it out by getting a healthy take out option for dinner- this might be a good time to start a meatless once-a-week initiative.
Geek it up

Let your nerd flag fly! Binge that series- even if it's for the third time. Play games, put on your favorite Twitch streamer, re-read that Harry Potter box set. Delve into the thing you love wholeheartedly- it's Valentine's Day! Feel free to share with your nerd friends or fly solo. The Power is yours!

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