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Six Original Pokemon Every Trainer Should Have

Six Original Pokemon Every Trainer Should Have

With Detective Pikachu stirring up the Pokefever and compelling people to drag out their old cards and video games, I decided to put together a list of Pokemon that every trainer should have. I stayed within the original 150 Pokemon and compiled six, since that’s as many as you can carry at a time, Pokemon that would be wise to keep around.


1.) The Starter – Squirtle

I’m a Floridian, born and raised, so I default to the water type! A playful and loyal Pokemon, Squirtle is a solid recommendation to begin our journey from Pallet Town. A turtle-esque creature, Squirtle has a powerful, spinning Tackle, a lethal Bubble attack and can spray water from its mouth at high velocity in Water Gun. Its evolved forms, Wartortle and Blastoise, aren’t quite as cute but are definitely powerful additions for any trainer to have.

I added Squirtle, partially, due to his usefulness. A water Pokemon is wise to have around for fires, cooking, cleaning and other related domestic chores. We see throughout Gen 1 that Pokemon are often used to help aid their Trainer in tasks, and water seems like a viable option for a traveling trainer.

2.) Chansey

Referred to a lot as the Nurse Pokemon, Chansey is a Pokecutie that’s renowned for it’s healing abilities. We see them in the games and shows mostly at the PokeCenter, aiding Nurse Joy in hospital tasks for other injured or weary Pokemon. A normal type Pokemon, it’s rare to find in the wild, though it is said to bring happiness and luck to it’s trainer!

I can’t stress how important it is to care for your Pokemon, and being fortunate enough to have a Chansey is a game changer. It’s nutritious eggs, which are better with proper care and love, are amazing for your other Pokemon to use for energy and healing! The evolved form of Happiny, Chansey evolves into Blissey at high levels of friendship. Though the HP level of Chansey is a 250, the attack and defense tie at 5, making it a less than ideal choice for battle.

3.) Evee

Known as the Evolution Pokemon, Evee is a surprise waiting to happen. With any number of factors, Evee has up to eight evolutionary possibilities. The most common for Gen 1 are the three that are brought upon by element stones; Flareon (fire), Vaporeon (water) and Jolteon (electric). Evee is a seemingly cuddly Pokemon, it is genetically unstable which factors into it’s unpredictable evolution. It has solid attacks, the Quick Attack a personal favorite of mine from the Gameboy Color days!

Evee is included largely because of the evolutions. With so many different possibilities, its adaptation abilities and agility, a properly trained Evee is a wonderful addition to your PokePosse!

4.) Pidgeot

A flying type Pokemon is always useful to have, and with Pidgeot’s keen eyes and quick movements, its the perfect companion for your travels. Pidgeot is seen in the show being sent ahead to scout for danger or other trainers, and is a loyal Pokemon once properly trained. With a lot of attitude and wildness, Pigeot can be a handful. The final evolved form of Pidgey, Whirlwind and Gust were staple attacks for many Pokemon gamers when the Gen 1 games first were released.

Included for the benefit of eyes in the sky and sharp talons, Pidgeot ranks high on the list of Pokemon every trained should have. I seem to remember Pidgeot in its various evolutions being everywhere in the original games, and the territorial birds definitely found Ash quickly enough!

5.) Geodude

It’s always good to have some muscle, and this rock-type Pokemon is perfect for whatever job you have. Though water is its weakness, which is terribly inconvenient, Geodude is a strong contender and worthy in battle.

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I included Geodude based purely on strength. The evolutionary forms of Graveler and Golem are aesthetically much more intimidating, but Geodude packs a powerful punch and is a solid choice for defense.

6.) Bulbasaur

This grass type may not be my choice for a starter, but it and its evolutionary forms are a powerhouse. Despite it’s cute appearance, Bulbasaur has a powerful Tackle and a fierce Vine Whip to keep its enemies in line. When Bulbasaur learns Solar Beam, its nearly unstoppable.

I included Bulbasaur because it’s a versatile Pokemon with powerful attacks at a beginning level. As it learns and evolves, it becomes a lethal friend to carry with you that will never stray far from your side.


And that’s it! Now you’ve got enough PokePals to begin your journey. Go forth and master Pokemon training, earn badges and be the very best like no one ever was.


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