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Six Theories To Seriously Consider Before The Game Of Thrones Season 8 Premiere

Six Theories To Seriously Consider Before The Game Of Thrones Season 8 Premiere

Ready or not, winter has come.

Recently, the official trailer for the last Game of Thrones dropped and fans are as excited (and scared) as ever. A few things that were shown was Arya running scared for her life, and Greyworm preparing for the fight of his life. Seeing a snippet of Tormund and others from The Wall gives us the relief we wanted; they were last seen trying to escape as the Night King came through with an un-dead Viserion. But where there is relief there is also worry. Who will die next? Will they die as horribly as others? Is the throne really worth it at this point?

No one is prepared for what’s to come.

We’ve been through a lot over the years. Game of Thrones has successfully kept us hooked and hurt our feelings all at once. Episodes like “The Rains of Castamere” and “The Door” still have us recovering (especially when random people ask “Hold the door”). Characters we hoped would survive proved us very wrong (looking at you Ned). Now, we have three main houses banding together for the final battle. We know Cersei’s allegiance isn’t true and her full motives, and everyone else is just trying to survive (except Arya who really wants to finish her list). No one knows what’s in store, and all we have to go off of are the reactions of the actors having finished filming. There are still so many questions left to be answered, and it’s bittersweet knowing things are coming to a close.

To prepare, here are some Game of Thrones theories to consider as you finish binging the series before the last season.

Danaerys will have a child…then die.

Last season, Danaerys made a point to continuously tell Jon Snow that she couldn’t have any children. With all the reminders, it felt like a “challenge accepted” moment. It didn’t help that we last saw them having sex as Bran and Sam discover Jon is a Targaryen. While we’re already wondering how they’ll take this discovery, she most likely won’t even live to see her child grow. As well as she’s survived everything she’s encountered the past few seasons, it doesn’t look like she’ll have a happy ending.

Bran will save them all…then die.

I don’t want to sit here and blame Bran for the majority of events in this show, but let’s be real. Now that he’s the Three Eyed-Raven and has a lot of practice warging, he most likely won’t last long. It’s long been speculated that the Night King is actually Bran who went back one too many times to stop him and ended up getting stuck permanently. He could once again try to stop him with this method. Or, he could warg himself into one of Danaerys’ dragons (probably Drogon) to finish off Viserion and the army of the dead. Additionally, the Night King marked Bran and has the uncanny ability to sense and track him. They have a connection somehow, and the Night King is most likely setting his sights on Bran as his main target.

Cersei either loses her baby, or was never pregnant.

We all know Cersei is maniacal and manipulative. During season 7 she told Jaime and Tyrion that she was pregnant, and would do anything to protect that child. But, it wouldn’t be completely beneath Cersei Lannister to lie. In the trailer she is seen with a signature glass of wine. This could mean she either doesn’t care that she’s drinking and pregnant, she lost the baby, or she was never pregnant and used that lie as a strategy.

Jaime or Arya will kill Cersei.

Arya’s list of people to kill has had Cersei on it since the beginning. Between being the direct reasons to her friend’s death, her father’s public execution, and the Red Wedding, Arya is ready to take her down. But, will she do it before Jaime does first? Cersei and Jaime didn’t leave on good terms last season, with the former threatening to kill him for betrayal and the latter feeling betrayed. Jaime finally realized how truly vindictive Cersei can be, and decided he couldn’t stay by her side any longer. If given the chance, Jaime could end her rule when the time comes. Another possible option is that Arya will kill Cersei while disguised as Jaime. Either way, Cersei will most likely die.

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Tyrion betrays Danaerys.

Last time we saw Tyrion, he was creepily standing in the hallway as Danaerys and Jon Snow had sex. While there was some speculation it’s because he’s in love with her, he also could’ve been pondering the things he’s done that will affect her. Earlier in the episode, Tyrion had a one on one with Cersei where she revealed she was pregnant. Tyrion loved all her children (aside from one obvious one), so he has a soft spot. The reaction he gave her was also telling, as it was amix between disbelief and pensiveness. When they returned to everyone, Cersei seemingly changed her mind and said she would help. Something definitely happened between the two that we missed, and it might have dire consequences when the time comes.

Melisandre is coming back with reinforcements.

When Melisandre left Dragonstone in season 7, she said she would return to Westeros because that was where she is supposed to die. She wouldn’t leave without a purpose, and that purpose might help everyone in the long run. She told Lord Varys that she was headed to Volantis, which has the resources needed against the White Walkers. Not only is there dragon glass, but The Red Temple of Volantis. This temple hosts a large population of followers of R’hllor, most of whom know how to wield a fiery sword. Between the dragon glass and a flaming sword army, our favorite characters could have a slightly better chance at survival.

(Note: I say slightly because this is Game of Thrones and it’s dangerous to have hope about characters.)

Bonus: Cleganebowl

Okay, this is definitely a minor theory compared to the others. But, this is something fans have waited for since before season 7 when they reunited. Of course, it would’ve been a more interesting fight if The Mountain was alive and not reanimated. However, we’ll take what we can get at this point.

In the end, we know a lot of people are going to die. We just need to prepare ourselves for the aftermath.

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