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Socializing With Yourself: ‘Me Time’ Without Social Media

Socializing With Yourself: ‘Me Time’ Without Social Media

Snapchat. Facebook. Instagram.

Social media has taken over our lives. It has become our primary source of communication and socialization. It allows us to secretly check up on an ex(p.s. you’re cyberstalking) or check out your old grade school bully’s makeup tips.

Occasionally, it does get very overwhelming. Your phone going off because your friends are planning a day out in your group chat. Your favorite instagrammer constantly posting videos. Your cousin who keeps sending you snaps from her cruise. So, you decide to log off. EVERYTHING. Put the phone on ‘do not disturb’. And then it’s just you… you and silence. WHAT NOW?!

Here are a couple things you can get into:

1. Read A Book. A lot of my friends have reading more as a resolution this year. Head to your fave bookstore or local library and dive into a new read. “Having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card!” Arthur was right!

2. Catch Up on Zzz’s. Most of the time we’re up on social media in bed instead of getting sleep. So power on some white noise or ASMR and get some quality rest.

3. Spa Day. Even if it’s to get your nails and toes done, you won’t have to worry about your phone while you let the nail tech work his/her magic. TREAT YO SELF!

4. Neighborhood Walk. Pop your headphones in, fire up your favorite tunes and explore parts of your neighborhood. You may find a new hidden gem like a cute bakery or a classic Mom and Pop restaurant.

5. Write. You may have some pent up feelings that you can’t talk to your friends about. Pull out a notebook or open your computer to a blank document and let the feelings flow.

6. TV/Movies. That one show you meant to binge? That movie that’s finally on demand? This is the perfect time to watch any of these with ZERO distractions. You’ll have something to talk about when you plug back in.

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7. Video Games. You can switch your device to offline mode so no one can message you or invite you to play multiplayer. You can beat that game or replay an oldie to unlock new stuff!

8. Clean. Throw on some music and Reorganize your space. Do some laundry. Wash the dishes. Clean out your closet.

9. Workout. Go for a jog. Head to the gym to actually USE that new membership!

10. Do absolutely nothing. Just breathe, stare at the ceiling. Daydream. Lay on your bed and space out.

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We all deserve some personal time to ourselves. Unplugging from social media is definitely going to make that easier to do. Whether it’s for a couple of hours or a couple of days, we deserve a little peace and quiet.

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