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Solo: A Star Wars Story Gives Us A Look Into The Future of Star Wars

Solo: A Star Wars Story Gives Us A Look Into The Future of Star Wars

You know that feeling when you’re at a new restaurant and you’re not sure if you should order a new dish or a regular go-to dish that they can’t possibly mess up?

That was the feeling I had going into this movie, unsure of how this would turn out and not getting my hopes up. I still wonder if we actually needed a movie about the origins of one of the main characters from the trilogy, but I was thoroughly entertained by it.

Solo is about the outlaw Han Solo who is on the quest to become the greatest pilot in the galaxy. This character is a main component to previous Star Wars films, so it was nice to see how he gets his start.

If you have ever seen a Star Wars film before, you will feel right at home when you see this movie. For people who haven’t seen a Star Wars movie before, this wouldn’t be a bad place to start and will be a good introduction. It is an embodiment of what these films are about, an adventure across space.

Since this is a prequel movie you have a few new characters that have been introduced and a few old ones. I thought everybody did a really good job with their characters, especially Alden Ehrenreich and Donald Glover playing Han Solo and Lando Calrissian respectively. Both these characters are vital in previous movies so they did a very good job being the younger versions of these characters.

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Overall this is a solid movie all around but it was too predictable. There was no point where I was worried for the main characters because I knew they were in the other movies. There was no real danger and that brought down the movie for me a bit.

When I left the movie theatre I was glad I saw it on the big screen, but I could’ve waited until it came out on DVD. There’s no urgency to see this movie from anybody, even among the die hard Star Wars fans.

Since there have been announcements of potential origin movies for multiple characters, they need to make them exciting. If they don’t they should just stick with new untold characters and untold events.

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