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Quick And Easy Spell Tips For Everyday Magic

Quick And Easy Spell Tips For Everyday Magic

The great thing about magic is that you can use it as you please.

There can be moments where full on rituals are done. Maybe during a new or full moon there’s in depth manifestations, journaling, use of healing crystals, and much spell work. There are also moments where spells are used for specific situations. Maybe a protection spell is used for traveling, or keeping bad vibes away during retrograde season. Some moments, .spells appear grandiose and intricate. 

Other times, we just may need a quick boost.

Spell work, no matter how big or small, still needs effort put in. But, not all spells are as intricate as what’s put into moon rituals for example. There are everyday things we can do to achieve the results we need at that time. Here are a few quick spells that can be helpful in your everyday life.

Tea spells

What’s great about tea is that it contains all four elements. The tea leaves are earth, the water is heated with fire, and the steam serves as air. Some simple magic to use on tea can involve stirring. Stir clockwise and think of the things you want to embrace or increase in life. Stir counterclockwise and think about things you’re releasing or decreasing. Also, you can set intentions on your tea. If you’re hoping to have a productive day, set that intention on the tea then drink. As you drink, you are drinking that productivity you placed in the tea. 

Make-up spells

If you like to wear make-up, you can cast little spells as you apply it. Draw sigils on your face using your brush or sponge. These sigils represent a desired outcome in a symbolic picture. Phrases such as “I am worthy” and “I am confident” can be condensed to a smaller picture, then drawn onto your face with that intent. Paint your lips to help speak your truth. Apply eye shadow to see through lies and deception. 

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Clothes spells

Have a favorite color? Colors have various meanings and can impact how we go about the day. Say for example you’re feeling a little low on confidence that day. It could be helpful to put on some red for assertiveness and independence and black for grounding. Wearing your favorite color can help your mood, while also being attentive to the power colors hold. 

Jewelry spells

Not only can we enchant our crystals to wear with us as rings and necklaces, but we can enchant our own jewelry! Sometimes wearing our favorite earrings or bracelets or anything else is what gets us through the day. When doing spells on rings, our fingers on our hands represent different things. Enchant a ring and place it on your left ring finger for commitment and love. The index finger can help with decisions and speech. Necklaces can ward off negative energy and bad vibes. Set your intentions on your jewelry and focus on how you want them to serve you.

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